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Reives are battles in which adventurers take on the local wildlife in areas of Ulbuka in an effort to expand colonization across the continent.

In order to participate in a Reive, a player simply needs to enter the area where a battle is taking place (noted by enemies and players with a battle icon next to their name). The player will join the Reive as soon as they approach the area.

If the player moves too far from the Reive area, a warning and countdown will be displayed in the chat log and the player will have five seconds to return to the battle.
If the player does not return within five seconds, they will be locked out of participation in any type of Reive in the same area for 5 minutes.

Note: That the Reive re-entry restriction can be removed by changing zones.


Periodically during Reives, players' progress will be assessed and they will be rewarded with varying amounts of Experience Points and Bayld. If a player stays in a Reive through to its conclusion, additional Experience Points and Bayld will be received, as well as a chance to receive one or more items from the lists below. All player actions factor into the evaluation (dealing damage, taking damage, healing, support buffs and debuffs, etc.).

At the time of each evaluation, a maximum Bayld value is established for all participating players, proportional to the amount of the HP reduction of the targets on the obstacle (colonization reive), nest (lair reive), or Naakual (wildskeeper reive). At the same time, each player's performance is individually evaluated for that period and assigned a score. The EXP/Bayld received by the player represents the score for that evaluation. If the player receives more EXP than Bayld for any given evaluation, the player received the maximum amount of bayld available for that evaluation period, based on target progress.

The final evaluation is dependent on your overall participation in a Reive and is subject to an overall cap: 250 Bayld/EXP for a Lair Reive, 700 EXP and 850 Bayld for a Colonization Reive, and 2250 Bayld/EXP for a Wildskeeper Reive. Players may also receive one or more items at the end of a Reive, based on evaluation performance during the Reive. It is possible to earn more Bayld/EXP by fighting the Lair Reives with more HP up to 6200 every 5 minutes for tier 2 Liar Reives. Each Lair Reive has different HP, the ones farthest from Frontier Station give the most usualy. Same for Colonization Reives but they have far longer spawn time so not as worth it to farm Colonization compared to Lair.

If the player is defeated at some point during the Reive, accumulated EXP and bayld will be carried over to the next evaluation that the player is alive for. If a player does not evaluate beyond a certain minimum threshold for an evaluation period, evaluations will be skipped until the player has performed enough actions to surpass the minimum threshold.

Note that while the maximum Bayld values are dependent only on damage dealt to the obstacle, lair, or Naakual, individual player calculations take all actions into account, including those on monsters defending the obstacle, lair, or Naakual.


Prior to participating in Reives, obtaining the Reive unity key item from the Scaredy-Cats quest is highly recommended.

With this key item in possession, periodically throughout the Reive, players will receive messages giving certain optional objectives for players to fulfill noted as "Reive momentum score."

These can include one or more of the following:

  • Physical attack
  • Magic attack
  • Ranged attack
  • Damage taken
  • HP recovery
  • Attack success
  • Skillchain success
  • Resistance success
  • Enhancing support
  • Enfeebling support
  • Raise support
  • Monster vanquishing

Once players collectively successfully perform an objective action to a certain threshold, a "Momentum bonus" will be received from the following list by all participating players and a new objective will be chosen to replace the completed objective:

  • HP Recovery (to full)
  • MP Recovery (to full)
  • TP Recovery (to 3000)
  • Status ailment recovery
  • Stoneskin
  • Ability cast recovery (including SP abilities; this bonus can only be received once in a single Colonization or Lair Reive, but can be received multiple times in a Wildskeeper Reive).
  • Increased maximum MP and HP (stacks continuously for the duration of the Reive)
  • Potency
  • Fast Cast
  • Store TP
  • Subtle Blow

Note that momentum bonuses do not directly impact the player's EXP/bayld calculation, but the effects are helpful in achieving higher evaluation values.

Bonus Key Items

Colonization Reive

This type of reive tasks players with creating temporary bridges from fallen trees, destroying roots, or demolishing rock walls that impede progress through various areas in Ulbuka. The local wildlife is fiercely protective of the land, so players must be able to handle a number of attacking enemies while continuing to deal damage to the obstacle blocking the path. Defeated enemies will respawn periodically during the reive battle.

The reive will end in success once all targets on the obstacle are destroyed. Once destroyed, players can freely pass through the location that was previously impassable.
The obstacle and local wildlife will reappear exactly one hour after being destroyed, 15 minutes for some tier 2 Colonization Reives.

Survival Skills Flowchart

Obstacles may only be destroyed with the appropriate key item in possession:

Colonization Reives can be found at the following locations:

Tier 1 Colonization Reives

Content Levels 1 ~ 5

Tier 2 Colonization Reives

Content Levels 6 ~ 9

Lair Reive

Lair Reive.png

In this type of reive, players destroy the homes of hostile wildlife in an effort to drive them out of the area. The lairs are protected by one or two types of enemies, which must be handled at the same time the lair is destroyed. Defeated enemies will respawn periodically during the reive. The reive will end in success when the target lair is destroyed. Items available from Lair Reives are the same as those available from Colonization Reives in each area (see above). The lair and local wildlife will reappear exactly 15 minutes after being destroyed, 5 minutes for tier 2 Lair Reives.

Lair Reives can be found at the following locations:

Tier 1 Lair Reives

Content Levels 1 ~ 5

Tier 2 Lair Reives

The following locations are listed in order of Max HP/Balyd/EXP. Least at top and most at bottom.

Content Levels 6 ~ 9

Wildskeeper Reive

In this final, most challenging type of reive, players will face off against Ulbuka's fiercest foes--the Naakuals.

In order to participate in a Wildskeeper Reive, you must first complete the mission Life on the Frontier, and then speak with Dimmian in Eastern Adoulin (E-6) to receive the Habitual behavior barometer. After receiving the barometer, you can then purchase one-time use key items from Dimmian which allow for entry into a single Wildskeeper Reive for 30,000 Bayld each (this fee can be reduced in increments depending on the player's Adoulin fame and coalition standings as well as Rhapsody in Ochre). It is not possible to access the sections of zones which contain Wildskeeper Reives or receive Reive status without having the key item, which is expended upon entry.

Wildskeeper Reive Entry Items

  • Key Item cost: 7,500 - 30,000 Bayld. Each ??? has a Home Point nearby.
Colkhab.png Brier-proof net: Colkhab, entered at (H-6) in Ceizak Battlegrounds (nearest bivouac is #2)
Tchakka.png Compass of transference: Tchakka, entered at (F-10) in Foret de Hennetiel (nearest bivouac is #4)
Achuka.png Magma mitigation set: Achuka, entered at (E-5) in Morimar Basalt Fields (nearest bivouac is #5)
Yumcax.png Resurrection retardant axe: Yumcax, entered at (E-9) in Yorcia Weald (nearest bivouac is #3)
Hurkan.png Insulator tablet: Hurkan, entered at (I-6) in Marjami Ravine (nearest bivouac is #3)
Kumhau.png Anti-glaciation gear: Kumhau, entered at (I-6) in Kamihr Drifts (nearest bivouac is #3)

Reference the individual Naakual pages for more information about each battle, including TP move lists and available drops.

These fights proceed much in the same way as Colonization Reives where players will receive periodic evaluations for the duration of the fight, based on their actions taken, with Bayld caps determined by the battle progress (remaining HP of the Naakual). Many more bayld are potentially at stake during this type of reive (up to ~25,000 for a complete battle) because of the duration of the battle and the high HP of the Naakual. Note that the player's maximum Bayld yield will be capped depending on the percentage completion of the battle when the player entered (EXP will continue to be received at evaluations after Bayld is capped).

The damage reduction of the Naakual will be proportional to the colonization rate of the Naakual's area, with the Naakual taking little to no normal damage at very low colonization rates (forms of damage that normally bypass shields, such as Quick Draw, are not affected by this reduction and are extremely useful at lower colonization rates). Naakuals are assisted by a variety of monsters from the same monster family which can be handled separately from the Naakual by additional players present, but can generally be ignored as they are spread out over a large area.

At the end of a successful Wildskeeper Reive, if the player participated enough to receive item rewards, they will receive one random crafting material and one of several available unique drops from the defeated Naakual, guaranteed. After first defeating a particular Naakual, the player will also receive the Naakual crest key item marking the defeat, any one of which is required for leading entry into a Delve fracture. Note that you must have available inventory space at the end of the battle to receive the items, and, on repeat battles, if a Naakual item is selected which you already have, you will not obtain a Naakual item following that battle.

Reive status will be lost following the battle, and although you will not be ejected from the area, you cannot participate in the next Reive until leaving and re-entering with a new key item.


Wildskeeper Reive battles respawn two (2) hours after completion.

  • During certain special campaigns the respawn timer is reduced down to 5 minutes.

Augmenting Rewards

Item level 115 gear from Wildskeeper Reives may be augmented by Prah Janimhar near the Inventors' Coalition in Western Adoulin with Paragon Key Items; rewarded from completing the Records of Eminence Wildskeeper Reive objectives.

Subsequently, trading all 6 Paragon Key Items to Eternal Flame near the mog house in Western Adoulin will allow you to receive a piece of equipment as a reward.

Cashing In

Unwanted equipment from Wildskeeper Reives may be given to Runje Desaali near the castle in Eastern Adoulin in exchange for Bayld.

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There are two types of campaigns that may run any given month.

Wildskeeper Reive Campaign

Wildskeeper Reive Campaign - PLUS!


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