Shattering Stars

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Shattering Stars
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: Level 66
Starting NPC Maat, Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Pack None
Title Maat Masher, Star Breaker
Repeatable No
Description Maat has issued a final challenge to test your limits. Return with the item he has requested and the trial will begin.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Riding on the Clouds Beyond the Sun, New Worlds Await
Raises level cap to 75.


  • See the Limit Break page for the jobs after this expansion. The Jobs page lists this jobs as well.
  • Speak to Maat on any level 66-70 Job. He will ask you bring a testimony for your job to him.
War. Testimony icon.png Testimonies
Warrior's Testimony Monk's Testimony White Mage's Testimony
Black Mage's Testimony Red Mage's Testimony Thief's Testimony
Paladin's Testimony Dark Knight's Testimony Beastmaster's Testimony
Bard's Testimony Ranger's Testimony Samurai's Testimony
Ninja's Testimony Dragoon's Testimony Summoner's Testimony
  • Once you trade the testimony to Maat, he will ask if you are ready.
  • If you say yes, he will teleport you to an BCNM arena. Trade the Testimony to Burning Circle to enter a one-on-one battle against Maat.
  • Testimonies may be used up to three times before they tear and are unusable. You must then obtain a new testimony to attempt the fight again.
  • The time limit is 10 minutes, but after about 5 minutes from engaging Maat, he will begin to use Asuran Fists. This tends to hurt much more than his other moves.
  • Your Support Job will be removed when you enter the battlefield, therefore you will lose all buffs (except for food) and TP.
  • Maat's main job will be set to yours and his Support Job seems to be Monk, and can use all Hand-to-Hand weapon skills.
  • Maat will posses all the relevant abilities and spells of your main job, including your Two-Hour ability special ability.
  • To win, you must either get Maat's HP close to 0 or satisfy a special condition for certain jobs.
  • Special secondary win conditions include only the following jobs:
  • White Mage may instead pull Maat then stay alive for 5 min, causing Maat to give up.
  • Thief may try to steal a Scroll of Instant Warp from Maat. Once you steal the item, Maat will give up.
  • Note: If you possess one already, you will not be able to steal another.

Note: You keep your testimony after the fight. If you have not yet gained access to Aht Urhgan Whitegate via the quest The Road to Aht Urhgan you may trade your testimony afterwards under the advanced path option and complete the quest.