Balga's Dais

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Connected Zone Balga's Dais Arrives at
Giddeus F-12 Balga's Dais-map.jpg ?-? Giddeus-map1.jpg
Balga's Dais
Balga's Dais header.jpg
Japanese バルガの舞台
Map Acquisition
Timeline Present
Continent Mindartia
Region Sarutabaruta
Zone Type Battlefield Location
Activities None
Weather None


Mission Name Starting Zone Mission Type Expansion
Bastok Mission 2-3 Bastok BCNM
San d'Oria Mission 2-3 San d'Oria BCNM
Windurst Mission 6-2 Windurst BCNM Rise of the Zilart

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
Searcher Ahriman 23 23 Sight, Sound A L Mission
Black Dragon Dragon 25 25 Sound A L Mission
Domovoi Mandragora 40 41 Sound A L BCNM
Dvorovoi Mandragora 45 45 Sound A L BCNM
Yagudo's Elemental Elemental 59 59 L Mission
Yagudo's Avatar Avatar 60 60 L Mission
Aa Nawu the Thunderblade Yagudo SAM 62 64 Sight A L BCNM
Cuu Doko the Blizzard Yagudo WHM 62 64 Sight A L BCNM
Gii Jaha the Raucous Yagudo BRD 62 64 Sight A L BCNM
Voo Tolu the Ghostfist Yagudo 62 64 Sight A L BCNM
Yoo Mihi the Haze Yagudo NIN 62 64 Sight A L BCNM
Zuu Xowu the Darksmoke Yagudo BLM 62 64 Sight A L BCNM
Buu Xolo the Bloodfaced Yagudo SAM 64 64 Sight A L Mission
Chaa Paqa the Profound Yagudo SMN 64 64 Sight A L Mission
Juu Zeni the Poisonmist Yagudo NIN 64 64 Sight A L Mission
Nuu Kofu the Gentle Yagudo WHM 64 64 Sight A L Mission
Maat's Avatar Avatar Genkai
King of Batons (Monster) Cardian BLM BCNM
King of Coins (Monster) Cardian RDM BCNM
King of Cups (Monster) Cardian WHM BCNM
King of Swords (Monster) Cardian PLD BCNM
Queen of Batons (Monster) Cardian BLM BCNM
Queen of Cups (Monster) Cardian WHM BCNM
Macan Gadangan Coeurl BCNM
Bitoso Crawler BCNM
Nenaunir Dhalmel BCNM
Nenaunir's Wife Dhalmel BCNM
Pepper Leech BCNM
Phoedme Leech BCNM
Prune Leech BCNM
Maat Maat BCNM
Large Box Mimic BCNM
Medium Box Mimic BCNM
Small Box Mimic BCNM
Myrmidon Apu-apu Opo-opo BCNM
Myrmidon Epa-epa Opo-opo BCNM
Myrmidon Spo-spo Opo-opo BCNM
Opo-opo Heir Opo-opo BCNM
Opo-opo Monarch Opo-opo BCNM
Dromiceiomimus Raptor BCNM
Giant Moa Roc KSNM
Gilagoge Tlugvi Treant KSNM
Goga Tlugvi Treant KSNM
Gola Tlugvi Treant KSNM
Ulagohvsdi Tlugvi Treant KSNM
Wyrm Wyrm KSNM
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern


Type Battlefield Name Requirement Level Cap Time Limit Party Members
BCNM Charming Trio Cloudy Orb 20 15 Minutes 3
BCNM Creeping Doom Sky Orb 30 15 Minutes 3
BCNM Harem Scarem Sky Orb 30 30 Minutes 6
BCNM Royal Succession Star Orb 40 15 Minutes 3
BCNM Steamed Sprouts Star Orb 40 30 Minutes 6
BCNM Steamed Sprouts II Microcosmic Orb 99 30 Minutes 6
BCNM Rapid Raptors Comet Orb 50 15 Minutes 3
BCNM Treasure and Tribulations Comet Orb 50 30 Minutes 6
BCNM Wild Wild Whiskers Moon Orb 60 15 Minutes 3
BCNM Divine Punishers Moon Orb 60 30 Minutes 6
BCNM Divine Punishers II Macrocosmic Orb 99 30 Minutes 6
KSNM Moa Constrictors Atropos Orb 75 30 Minutes 6
KSNM Royale Ramble Lachesis Orb 75 30 Minutes 6
KSNM Seasons Greetings Clotho Orb 75 30 Minutes 6
KSNM Early Bird Catches the Wyrm Themis Orb 75 30 Minutes 18
Limit Break Shattering Stars: Monk Mnk. Testimony|Monk's Testimony 10 Minutes 1
Limit Break Shattering Stars: Summoner Smn. Testimony|Summoner Testimony 10 Minutes 1
Limit Break Shattering Stars: White Mage Whm. Testimony|White Mage's Testimony 10 Minutes 1

Historical Significance

The innermost crevice within the Yagudo realm of Giddeus containing a Burning Circle. This area is the entrance to a number of different BCNM battles, as well as being used in some missions and quests. You must use the Burning Circle to do battle.