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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel

In order to progress through the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel without interruption, your character must have progressed to the following missions below in other expansions:

  • Note - 2 different Seekers of Adoulin missions that are prerequisite to RoV require you to spend a certain number of imprimaturs to progress. These are time based currencies that don't start accumulating until you visit Adoulin and talk to a Task Delegator. This is the only time gated content required to finish RoV aside from the usual "wait a game day" between missions. So plan accordingly if you are trying to line up how you do your other missions to complete RoV.

Chapter Number Mission Name Type Reward
Creation and Rebirth
Chapter 1 1-1 Rhapsodies of Vanadiel Cutscene Access to Escha - Zi'Tah
Access to Escha - Ru'Aun
1-2 Resonance Cutscene
1-3 Emissary from the Seas Cutscene
1-4 Set Free Quest Copper Voucher icon.png Copper Voucher
Key Item Gilgamesh's introductory letter (Support Job unlock)
1-5 The Beginning Cutscene Key Item Reisenjima Sanctorium orb
1-6 Flames of Prayer Cutscene Key Item "Rhapsody in White"
▼ Obtain Rank 3 in your home nation by completing San d'Oria Flag.jpg Journey Abroad Bastok-Flag.jpg The Emissary Windurst-Flag.jpg The Three Kingdoms
1-7 The Path Untraveled Cutscene Unlocks access to 10119 icon.png Cipher Of Semih's Alter Ego
1-8 At the Heavens' Door Cutscene
1-9 The Lion's Roar Fight - Popped NM
1-10 Eddies of Despair Cutscene
1-11 A Land After Time Cutscene Key Item "Rhapsody in Umber"
10119 icon.png Cipher of Lion's alter ego II
▼ Obtain Rank 6 in your home nation by completing San d'Oria Flag.jpg The Shadow Lord Bastok-Flag.jpg Xarcabard, Land of Truths Windurst-Flag.jpg The Shadow Awaits
1-12 Fate's Call Cutscene
1-13 What Lies Beyond Cutscene
1-14 The Ties That Bind Cutscene
1-15 Impurity Cutscene
1-16 The Lost Avatar Fight - Popped NM Key Item "Rhapsody in Azure"
1-17 Volto Oscuro Cutscene 10119 icon.png Cipher of Zeid's Alter Ego II
1-18 Ring My Bell Cutscene
Chapter 2 2-1 Spirits Awoken Cutscene
▼ Progress in Chains of Promathia until your current mission is The Road Forks
2-2 Crashing Waves Cutscene 10119 icon.png Cipher Of Tenzen's Alter Ego II
2-3 Call to Serve Cutscene 10119 icon.png Cipher Of Prishe's Alter Ego II
2-4 Numbering Days Cutscene
2-5 Inescapable Binds Cutscene
2-6 Desert Winds Quest
▼ Progress in Treasures of Aht Urhgan until your current mission is Royal Puppeteer
2-7 Ever Forward Cutscene
2-8 The Endless Sky Quest
2-9 Aphmau's Light Quest 10119 icon.png Cipher Of Nashmeira's Alter Ego II
2-10 Reunited Cutscene
2-11 Take Wing Cutscene
2-12 Prime Number Cutscene
2-13 From the Ruins Cutscene Key Item "Rhapsody in Crimson"
▼ Progress in Wings of the Goddess until your current mission is In the Name of the Father
2-14 Cauterize Cutscene
2-15 Uncertain Destinations Cutscene
2-16 Ganged Up On Cutscene 10119 icon.png Cipher Of Lilisette's Alter Ego II
2-17 Sacrifice Cutscene
2-18 Somber Dreams Fight - Popped NM
2-19 Of Light and Darkness Cutscene
2-20 Temporary Farewells Cutscene
2-21 Brushing Up Cutscene
2-22 Keep On Giving Quest
2-23 Past Imperfect Cutscene
▼ Progress in Rise of the Zilart until your current mission is Headstone Pilgrimage
2-24 The Cursed Temple Cutscene
2-25 Wisdom of Our Forefathers Cutscene
2-26 Where Divinities Collide Cutscene
2-27 Visions of Dread Cutscene
2-28 To the Skies Cutscene
2-29 Escha - Ru'Aun Cutscene
2-30 The Decisive Heroine Cutscene Key Item "Rhapsody in Emerald"
2-31 Fall from Grace Cutscene
2-32 Banishing the Darkness Cutscene
2-33 Over the Rainbow Cutscene
2-34 Cacophonous Discord Cutscene
2-35 Eddies of Despair Quest
2-36 Pretender to the Throne Fight - Popped NM 10119 icon.png Cipher Of Balamor's Alter Ego
2-37 Banished Cutscene
2-38 Call of the Void Cutscene 10119 icon.png Cipher Of Selh'teus's Alter Ego
2-39 Both Paths Taken BCNM
2-40 The Man Behind the Mask Cutscene Key Item "Rhapsody in Mauve"
2-41 Uncertain Futures Cutscene
Chapter 3 3-1 Darkness Beckons Cutscene Access to Reisenjima
3-2 The Brewing Storm Quest
3-3 The River Runs Red Cutscene Key Item "Rhapsody in Fuchsia"
▼ Progress in Seekers of Adoulin until your current mission is Meeting of the Minds
3-4 The Crucible Cutscene
3-5 Forward Thinking Cutscene
▼ Progress in Seekers of Adoulin until your current mission is An Aimless Journey
3-6 Tears of the Generals Cutscene
3-7 What He Left Behind Cutscene 10119 icon.png Cipher: Arciela II
▼ Progress in Seekers of Adoulin until your current mission is Behind the Sluices and you have the Key Item Waterway facility crank
3-8 Gone but Not Forgotten Cutscene
3-9 August Artifacts Cutscene
3-10 Solemnity Cutscene
3-11 Eyes on You Cutscene
3-12 Exploring the Ruins Cutscene
3-13 Become Something More Cutscene Key Item Dimensional compass
3-14 Unshakable Nightmares Cutscene
3-15 What Remains of Hope Cutscene
3-16 Death Cares Not Cutscene
3-17 No Time like the Future BCNM
3-18 Sin Cutscene
3-19 Penance Cutscene Key Item "Rhapsody in Puce"
3-20 Vessel of Light Cutscene
3-21 The Lifestream of Reisenjima Cutscene
3-22 From West to East Quest
3-23 Good Things Come in Threes Cutscene
3-24 Tackling the Problem Cutscene
3-25 Way to Divinity Cutscene
3-26 The Winds of Time BCNM
3-27 Calm After the Storm Cutscene
3-28 Nary a Cloud in Sight Cutscene Key Item "Rhapsody in Ochre"
10119 icon.png Cipher: Iroha
3-29 An Unending Song Cutscene
3-30 A Deep Sleep Cutscene
3-31 Guardians Cutscene
3-32 Iroha in Distress Cutscene
3-33 Absolute Trust Cutscene
3-34 The Orb's Radiance BCNM Key Item "Scintillating Rhapsody"
Key Item Phoenix's blessing
10119 icon.png Cipher: Iroha II
3-35 A Rhapsody for the Ages Cutscene--Finale
Epilogue Quest 1 The Silent Forest BCNM--Finale One of the following:

Siren GUI.png Pact with Siren
Ligeia Ring icon.png Ligeia RingLigeia Ring description.png
Ligeia Sash icon.png Ligeia SashLigeia Sash description.png
Ligeia Scythe icon.png Ligeia ScytheLigeia Scythe description.png
H-P Bayld icon.png 10,000 Bayld

  • Cutscene: A mission that is entirely or almost entirely cutscenes.
  • Quest: A mission that involves a lot of running around and cutscenes.
  • Dungeon: A mission that takes place mostly in a dungeon, such as Promyvion or Sacrarium.
  • Fight: A mission that mostly involves one or many NM fights.
  • BCNM: A mision that is either solely a BCNM, or culminates in a BCNM fight. Usually referenced along with Dungeon-type missions.

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