Winds of Eternity

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Winds of Eternity
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Siren, Leafallia (H-7)
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title Eternal Communer
Repeatable Yes
Description Gather ergon power and revisit a familiar land in order to confirm your bond with Siren.
Previous Quest Next Quest
The Silent Forest None
  • Choice of one:
Siren GUI.png Pact with Siren
Ligeia Ring icon.png Ligeia RingLigeia Ring description.png
Ligeia Sash icon.png Ligeia SashLigeia Sash description.png
Ligeia Scythe icon.png Ligeia ScytheLigeia Scythe description.png
  • 10,000 Bayld


Note: You must zone and wait until after JPmidnight after completing The Silent Forest before you may begin this quest.
  • Examine the Drifting Feather (H-7) in Leafallia for a short cutscene to begin the quest.
  • Venture to the crag closest to your home nation and click the Ergon Locus ??? located beneath the stairs leading up to the Telepoint to obtain Key Item Fistful of familiar soil.
  • Return to the Drifting Feather again to enter a BCNM.
    • Your opponent will be Siren Prime.
      • The fight is Content Level 119.
      • Trusts may be used in the fight.
  • Upon defeating Siren, a cutscene will begin where you will be able to choose your reward.
    • You may repeat this quest once per Earth day, resetting at midnight in Japan.


This is simply a repeat quest for the first fight The Silent Forest. Visit the talk page for strategy details.