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Location: Aht Urhgan Whitegate - (I-10)
Type: Assault Personnel
Description: Second-in-command to Naja Salaheem in Salaheem's Sentinels.

Involved in Missions

Involved in Quests

NPC Dialogue

These are the dialogs Abquhbah can give regarding your mercenary assessment.

  • (0-4 rank up points) "At your current pace, you'll be doomed to a meeting with President Naja's spiky “friend”."
  • (5-9 rank up points) "If you want to dig yourself out of that pit, you've got to hit the Commissions Agency and run up some successful Assault missions....
  • (That's the only option left to you...)"
  • (10-14 rank up points) "Hmmm. You seem to be out of the woods as far as being beaten to a pulp goes, but you're still somewhere south of the middle."
  • (15-19 rank up points) "Hello... Seems someone has been a good little mercenary. You have some glowing reports from the Commissions Agency here. You've finally pulled yourself up to the borderline between worthless pile of beaten pulp and respectable employee."
  • (20-24 rank up points) "Let's see now. A few more successful missions and the president herself might have a word with you.
  • Keep this up and the next mercenary rank is not far off!"
  • (25 rank up points, ready for promotion) "Hello, hello. You'll be hearing from President Naja any day now!"
  • (Mid-promotion) "(Poor thing, you'll wish you'd stayed a worthless pile of beaten pulp...)"