Promathia Mission 7-5

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The Warrior's Path
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Metalworks - Cid - (H-8)
Title The Chebukkis' Worst Nightmare (BC cleared)

Unquenchable Light (Complete mission)

Repeatable No
Description Board the newly repaired airship and head for the fifth Mothercrystal. Will your path be intercepted by Nag'molada? The dreadful wyrms? Or a completely unexpected opponent?
Previous Mission Next Mission
Calm Before the Storm Garden of Antiquity
Key ItemLight of Al'Taieu


Useful Items to bring:
  • Travel to Sealion's Den and click the Iron Gate for a cutscene.
  • When your party is ready, click the Iron Gate and enter the battlefield "The Warrior's Path".
    • Although this mission is uncapped, your buffs will still wear off when entering so make sure to buff inside.
    • It should also be noted that once you enter this battle, you cannot leave until you either win or lose.

Boss Fight (Spoiler Free!)

To see the opponent's identity, click on the first "???" link.

  • If ??? happens to connect all weapon skills during Meikyo Shisui, it will create a level 4 skillchain called Cosmic Elucidation dealing massive damage and ejecting you from the battle.
  • After you beat ???, you will receive a cutscene and appear in Al'Taieu.
Area Boss Abilities Notes
Sealion's Den ??? (SAM), assisted by a RNG, BLM, and WHM.
  • Amatsu: Kazakiri (Tachi: Jinpu variant, ~200)
  • Amatsu: Torimai (Tachi: Enpi variant, 2 hits, ~250)
  • Amatsu: Yukiarashi (Tachi: Yukikaze variant, ~400 + Blind)
  • Amatsu: Tsukioboro (Tachi: Gekko variant, ~500 + Silence)
  • Amatsu: Hanaikusa (Tachi: Kasha variant, ~1000 + Paralysis)
  • Amatsu: Tsukikage (~500, closes Cosmic Elucidation)
  • Oisoya (bow, ~2500, ignores Utsusemi; possible Namas Arrow variant)
  • ??? will eat a Shogun Rice Ball at some point. This will improve his Attack, Defense, and Magic Defense considerably.
  • When you enter the battle, the RNG, BLM, and WHM will be on a platform directly above where you stand. They cannot be killed or even damaged in any way at all throughout the entire fight so it's best to pull ??? to the far side of the battlefield and fight there.
    • The BLM can and will cast some Tier 3 -ga spells which can be quite damaging so spread out to avoid getting AOE'd to death.
    • The WHM will also heal and buff ??? in addition to debuffing your party.
  • When you engage ???, it will rarely move from it's position. Instead, it will opt for using ranged attacks on the person with hate if they happen to be out of melee range.
  • If you stand in melee range, ??? will use its sword, along with a wide variety of weapon skills on you. It is a fairly straightforward battle until ??? uses Meikyo Shisui.
  • ??? can and will skillchain on you and it can use Meikyo Shisui multiple times.
    • The focus of this fight should be maintaining a steady flow of damage to ??? and preventing it from skillchaining.
    • Stun, Bind, and Shadowbind are all useful ways of prevent ??? from landing weapon skills on you.
  • At around 15-20% HP, ??? will give up and the battle will end.