Promathia Mission 7-4

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Calm Before the Storm
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Metalworks - Cid - (H-8)
Title None
Repeatable No
Description The crystal propulsion unit of Cid's airship has been damaged. You are to call Louverance back from Carpenter's Landing, and Shikaree Z back from Bibiki Bay. You must also find the Chebukki siblings in Tavnazia and retrieve the vessel of light.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Fire in the Eyes of Men The Warrior's Path

NOTE: If you have not finished Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, it's strongly recommended you finish it before continuing. Once you start The Warrior's Path, your last chance to progress in Rhapsodies will be during A Fate Decided, after which you'll be unable to progress until the final cutscene of Dawn, which includes a Japanese Midnight wait.


  • After your conversation with Cid, you will be off to fight 3 monsters all across the globe. They can be defeated in any order.


  • Travel to (E-7) in Misareaux Coast and check the Storage Compartment there to spawn a Bugard named Boggelmann.
    • Unity Warp will take you near it.
    • It has high defense and uses Blood Weapon.
  • Check the Storage Compartment again after it is defeated for a cutscene and obtain the Key ItemVessel of light.

Cryptonberry Executor

  • Head to Jugner Forest (J-8) (just east of the Abyssea - Vunkerl Maw) and enter Carpenters' Landing.
  • Travel to (I-9) in Carpenters' Landing and look for a ??? near the water. Clicking this ??? spawns a Cryptonberry Executor (NIN).
    • Shortly after he pops, 3 Cryptonberry Assassins (THF, SMN, BLM) will appear.
    • They can all use their respective job's 2 hour ability. Avoid Mijin Gakure by killing the Executor first, and very quickly.
    • Astral Flow is the next concern, but it is still significantly weaker then the Executor's Mijin Gakure.
    • Make sure your party's HP remains high until the NIN and SMN are defeated.
  • Check the ??? again once the Tonberries are dead to receive a cutscene.


  • Travel to (F-6) in Bibiki Bay and look for a ??? inside a cave. Clicking this spawns a Kraken-type mob named Dalham.
    • It doesn't use any 2 hour ability although it may appear that it has been using Hundred Fists by the time the fight is over.
    • The familiar "Dust Cloud" 2 hour animation can be seen at several points during the fight, however, they only indicate that Dalham is increasing its attack speed, not using a 2 hour.
  • Check the ??? after defeating Dalham for a cutscene.

Finishing Up

Carpenters Landing
Bibiki Bay