Cipher: Domina

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Cipher- Domina icon.png Cipher of D. Shantotto's alter ego
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Description: A scroll inscribed with strange symbols that seal away the puissance of a Tarutaru named Domina Shantotto. Chanting the enigmatic script summons her alter ego to the bearer's side.
Image: Cipher- Domina description.png
Type: Item
Flags: Not vendorable, Not sendable, Exclusive, Rare
Stack size: 1
"Find Cipher: Domina on FFXIAH" "Find Cipher: Domina on FFXIDB"
Domina Shantotto
Domino Shantotto trust.jpg

Black Mage / Dark Knight


Single-target elemental nukes I - V

Weapon Skills

Guillotine Induration SC Icon.png, Cross Reaper Distortion SC Icon.png, Shadow of Death Induration SC Icon.png/Reverberation SC Icon.png , Salvation Scythe Dark SC Icon.png

Special Features
  • Starts battles with Tier V nukes before meleeing.
  • Occasionally nukes as long as she isn't in the top enmity slot, does not try to magic burst.
    • Spells are used more often against enemies resistant to Slashing slashing damage, such as elementals.
  • Only uses darkness-aligned elemental spells (Element: EarthElement: WaterElement: Ice), ignoring enemy weakness.
  • Salvation Scythe inflicts Poison, Bio, Paralyze and Slow.
  • Uses weapon skills at 1000 TP.