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Shell GUI.png Shell Spells are a long-lasting (30 minutes) buff used to decrease magic damage taken. There are two varieties of Shell spell:

Single Target Area of Effect Specific MDT MDT
Shell Shellra -27/256 -11%
Shell II Shellra II -42/256 -16%
Shell III Shellra III -56/256 -22%
Shell IV Shellra IV -67/256 -26%
Shell V Shellra V -75/256 -29%

Enhancing Gear

There are currently two pieces of gear (Brachyura Earring and Sheltered Ring) that enhance Shell potency when worn while receiving the spell effect. So, if you were in a party of 6 people and only one player was wearing the enhancing gear, only that player would receive the effect enhancement. Also, the effects from these two items do not stack.

Tier Specific MDT Enhancement MDT Enhancement
I -1/256 -0.4%
II -2/256 -0.8%
III -3/256 -1%
IV -4/256 -1.5%
V -5/256 -2%

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