Spell Recast

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Recast reduction caps at 80% (or ×0.2) of the original casting time.

The following four terms are multiplied to give the experienced recast:

  • Initial Recast - This is listed on the page of most spells.
  • Magical and Equipment forms of Haste and Magic Slow - a specific bitwise function of xx/1024.
  • Fast Cast - Likely a simple percentage multiplier.
    • Fast Cast has an effective cap of 80%, meaning that 40% reduction (or ×0.6) is the best that it can do for recast.
    • Fast Cast gear must remain equipped to reduce recast, which means you have to choose between getting the Fast Cast benefits during precast versus keeping it on for recast reduction in a potency/accuracy midcast set.
  • Job Abilities that specifically affect recast, like Composure, Hasso, and the Scholar abilities - It is unclear how they are stored, likely a simple percentage multiplier.


Recast = (Initial Recast) × (1 - (Haste÷1024) + (Slow÷1024)) × Floor(Fast Cast% ÷ 2) × (Job Ability Modifier 1) × (Job Ability Modifier 2) × ...

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