Look Out Below

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Look Out Below
Required Fame Abyssea - Uleguerand Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Baldric (A), Abyssea - Uleguerand
Pack Abyssea
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description Baldric seeks to put an end to the avalanches that plague the survivors by triggering small explosions to disperse accumulated snow. Assist him in an experiment to determine the optimal quantity of firesand for the task.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
First time completion: 200-400 Cruor, depending on the accuracy of the mine payload.

Subsequent completions: 100-200 Cruor

Chance at one of the following Empyrean Armor +1 Body seals:


  • Speak to Baldric (A) at Outpost 2 which is at Conflux #6. He asks you to find Fresh Snowfall locations, and load them with the Key Item Subniveal mines and Firesand.
    • Note that actual Firesand is not needed.
  • Head to Conflux #5. Walk north through this next area and you will come across all three Fresh Snowfall locations.
    • Examining one of these locations will give you four options:
      • Nothing
      • Load Firesand
      • Remove Firesand
      • Place Mine
  • Your task is to load the Key Item Subniveal mines with enough firesand according to the amount of snowfall at the Fresh Snowfall locations.
    • The amount of firesand you are able to load are as follows:
1. The chamber of the Subniveal Mine contains only a pinch of firesand...
2. The chamber of the Subniveal Mine contains a small lump of firesand...
3. The chamber of the Subniveal Mine is filled halfway with firesand...
4. The chamber of the Subniveal Mine is filled to the brim with firesand...
5. The chamber of the Subniveal Mine is overflowing with firesand...
  • The Fresh Snowfall spots have three varying amounts of snowfall on them as follows:
A. Only the thinnest layer of snow covers the ground here...
B. A fair quantity of snow has accumulated here...
C. The large deposits of snow here seem ready to give way at any moment...
  • Add or Remove Firesand to the locations with the following guidelines:
For A (thin layer) use 4 (filled to the brim).
For B (fair quantity) use 3 (filled halfway).
For C (large deposits) use 1 (only a pinch).
  • Return to Baldric (A) for your reward after filling all three spots.

Zoning is required to repeat this quest.