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Quick Projects/Notepad

Use this section for things that need done, but do not deserve their own spot on the tables below. Usually for quick and easy projects, but we do not want to forget about doing them.

Revisit odyssey weapons, might have more info now on augments.

Add "Used In Recipes" template to all synthesis kit pages. Example: Wood. Kit 25.

Use this monstrosity rewards thread and update the items on the wiki, all blank.

Continue work on the Fishing page.

  • All bait pages need revamped/regenerated, poles are done.
  • Elaborate more on the fishing system itself - no mention of fatigue.
  • Update the purpose of KIs purchased with guild points.
  • etc...

Go through the rest of the ROE and add the "obtained from roe" template to equip obtained from the conflict roe.

Expand Besieged prisoner rescuing, and astral candescence BC recovery.

Abyssea Revamp


  • Zone pages
    • Example: Abyssea_-_Uleguerand
    • Revamp layout. I think it should be special, not like the zone revamp we are planning.
    • Include conflux locations
    • Include all NPCs
    • Include all zone Quests
    • Mention fame/ROE for max fame??
    • Lets face it, the progression graphic/"map" is the best thing about the abyssea zones. Emphasize it.
  • Quests/Missions
    • Ensure all Quests and Mission pages are up to date and EASY TO UNDERSTAND...
    • Update all Abyssea battle content systems. Example: Dominion Ops.
  • Items
    • Revamp all pop item pages to new templates. Example: "used to pop" template, "NM dropped item" template, etc
      • All pages need regenerated, mainly to add "gob box obtainable" tag and other things.
    • Double check all Empyrean upgrade items are up to date
  • Key Items
    • All Atmas need updated. I fixed the templates, just need to make the edits now.
    • All Atmacite need updated. Might need special template for KI? idk yet.
  • NMs
    • All NM pages need updated, and any NM gimmicks added.
    • I think most of the drop stuff is accurate.
  • NPCs
    • All NPC pages need updated.
    • Some need created.
    • I combined some NPCs like the Dominion NPCs into Dominion Ops. Dumb to have multiple for utility NPCs like this. Maybe more can be combined across zones, as they serve the same purpose. If one NPC page is made, a table with coordinates for each zone should be on the pages.
    • Martello page
  • Pertinent Abyssea info on the Abyssea page:
    • Cruor
    • Lights
    • Procs
    • Check zones/quests/battle content links/nms/npcs/etc there
  • Ensure that Abyssea Lights is up to date, put the mobs on every abyssea zone page.

Top Priority

High Priority

Low Priority

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