Anomaly Expert

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Location: Eastern Adoulin - (G-10, next to the Library)
Type: Eastern Adoulin NPCs
Description: Delve pop item NPC.

Yantric Planchette Synthesis

Yggrete Rock Yantric Planchette Delve Entry
Celadon Yggrete Celadon yantric planchette Ceizak Battlegrounds
Alizarin Yggrete Alizarin yantric planchette Morimar Basalt Fields
Zaffre Yggrete Zaffre yantric planchette Foret de Hennetiel
Russet Yggrete Russet yantric planchette Yorcia Weald
Phlox Yggrete Phlox yantric planchette Marjami Ravine
Aster Yggrete Aster yantric planchette Kamihr Drifts

Upon trading an "Yggrete Rock" to the Anomaly Expert, she will synthesize the rock into one of three "Yantric Planchette" Key Item key items which allow the bearer to enter their alliance into the corresponding Delve fractures. Note that trading the last three Yggrete rocks (Russet, Phlox, or Aster) has additional requirements.

Corresponding Yggzi bead key items obtained from Delve monsters spawned outside of fractures (e.g. Alizarin Yggzi I icon.png Alizarin Yggzi I) may be subsequently traded to the Anomaly Expert for implementation with the planchette Key Item.

  • This will remove the corresponding Delve NM from the Fracture area upon entry and may be traded before or after creating the key item.
  • Yggzi beads can also be removed from an unused planchette and returned to inventory one at a time with the planchette defusion option.

Boss Key Item Rewards

After obtaining the first three Delve boss key items (Craggy fin, Flame-scarred skull, Detached stinger), speaking with the Anomaly Expert will allow you to expend all three for one piece of Delve boss or NM equipment, an Airlixir +1, or an Airlixir +2 at random. Obtaining all three again will allow you to repeat the process. Boss items can still be purchased from Forri-Porri for plasm even after expending the key items through this process.


Interestingly, if you look closely, for unknown reasons, her character model is actually a Mithra Mannequin.