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Bio III (Scroll) icon.png Spell Information "Pages on this wiki that reference this item"
Description: Deals dark damage that weakens an enemy's attacks and gradually reduces its HP.
Scroll: Bio III (Scroll) description.png
AH Listing: Auction House 16.png ➞ Scrolls ➞ Black Magic "Find Item on FFXIAH" "Find Bio III on FFXIDB"
Type: Black Magic Skill: Dark Magic
Target: Enemy Element: Element: Dark
Casting Time: 1.5 seconds Recast Time: 15 seconds
Cost: 54MP Duration: 180 seconds
Range: 20'
Base Value 100 Multiplier 0
Volatile Enmity: 320 Cumulative Enmity: 1
Command: /ma "Bio III" <stnpc>
Spell/Job Level Information
Job Level Condition
Red Mage 75
Merit Points Information - Enfeebling Magic Duration
Group: 2 Ranks: 5
Effect: Increase enfeebling magic duration by 6 seconds.


  • Dark Knights can not learn this spell. That is a typo on the ENG client.
  • DoT effect caps at 17 and depends on Dark Magic Skill, but the -20.31% attack reduction (208/1024) is static.
Bio III DoT potency = floor(Dark Magic Skill+59)÷27)
  • Overwrites Dia, Bio, Dia II, Bio II, and Dia III with the same or fewer merits.
    • Is overwritten by Dia III with more merit levels invested.
  • After Bio III has been applied to the enemy, Corsairs can use the Quick Draw job ability Dark-COR-Icon.gifDark Shot to enhance the Attack Down Effect by an additional +2.73% (28/1024) and Damage Over Time +3 (Caps after one shot)

Purchased From...
NPC Name Zone Notes
Susu Lower Jeuno - (H-9) 139,125 Gil

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