Cait Sith (Meme)

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I taw I saw a putty tat

A small cat appears near an NPC in the "Wings of the Goddess" expansion video, and most people who comment on it think they are the first or only person in the whole world to notice it. In doing so, they want everyone to know that they saw Cait Sith.


  • Did anyone else notice Caith Sith in the TGS preview video?
  • There's a Cait Sith in the new SE clip!
  • Cait Sith has a red cape, and so does that cat. I deem him Cait Sith!
  • You're right, President Bush really is--OH FUCK IS THAT CAIT SITH?!
  • Did anyone else notice this? Holy crap, I think it's Cait Sith...

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