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These foods are thought to increase skillup rates, but the testing on them is fairly spotty. There are two schools of thought:

  • The foods are divided physical and magical, and then further divided by skills.
  • Each food enhances skillup rate within a certain skill range, with later-introduced harder-to-make foods enhancing a higher skill range's skillups.

The second school of thought is more favored at the moment, largely because increases in skill caps have been accompanied by new skill up foods and because there are several tests showing no effect of any of the relevant foods on skillup rates. These foods appear to give an additional chance to skill up per action, and even work on each target in the case of Area of Effect actions.

According to JP wiki: [1]

Skill Rate Multiplier Melee Food Mage Food
Skill rate 1.2x Saltena Stuffed Pitaru
Skill rate 1.4x Elshena Poultry Pitaru
Skill rate 1.6x Montagna Seafood Pitaru
Skill rate 1.8x Maringna B.E.W. Pitaru


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