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When a physical attack is successfully evaded, the attack will miss and have no effect on the player.


The activation rate of evasion is determined by the enemy's level and accuracy (or ranged accuracy) and the player's "Evasion," which is determined by a combination of Evasion skill, AGI, and "Evasion" added from gear, abilities, and job traits. Evasion can activate on any attacking enemy regardless of relative positioning and whether or not the player is engaged. When an attack is successfully evaded, it will be completely avoided and none of its effects will proc. Because there is an effective 20% minimum hit rate associated with melee attacks, there is an 80% cap on the rate of evasion of melee attacks (there is no cap on evading ranged attacks).

Determining Evasion

As a hidden stat, Evasion is difficult to measure, but at the moment it is assumed to be composed of three terms:

Evasion = floor( AGI÷2 ) + ( Evasion from Skill ) + ( Evasion from Traits/JAs/gear )

Though it is harder to measure than accuracy, evasion from skill is assumed to follow the same trend. It has been shown that Evasion from skill gives .9 Evasion per skill above level 255, so it is assumed to work the same way as accuracy.

Equation (Skill ≤ 200): Evasion from Skill = Evasion Skill
Equation (Skill > 200): Evasion from Skill = floor( (Evasion Skill-200)×0.9 ) + 200

So above 200 skill, 1 Evasion Skill = .9 Evasion

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