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Were you looking for Linkshell?

A Guild is a group of guys (and very rarely a girl) who make clans/groups/guilds with semi-fantasy like names. They then take PVC pipe and wrap it with some kind of foam, usually pool noodles. To finish off their weapon, they then take duct tape to the whole thing. A weapon always has a name.

Then they get in their groups, meet up at somewhere (generally parks and backyards tend to work). All combatants duke it out, whether it be melee or group attacks. It's really actually sort of...pointless.

Super Tough Retard Guy: Hey man, let's go to my house and practice for the guild tourney tomorrow.

Other Guy, Not So Tough: yeah...i forgot my i really wanted to try out my new spear...vs your dagger?

kim: you guys are fucktards.



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