Hit Rate

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Hit Rate is determined by comparing target evasion with player accuracy or ranged accuracy. It also suffers some level correction, as well, but the general formula is:

Hit Rate (%) = 75 + floor( (Accuracy - Evasion)÷2 ) - 2×(dLVL)
dLVL = Attacked Monster's Level - Attacking Player's Level

Increasing Hit Rate is often the single easiest way to improve your melee damage, but it has a maximum:

  • 99% For one-handed main hand weapons.
  • 99% For all pets.
  • 99% For Hand-to-Hand.
  • 95% For secondary (off-handed) one-handed weapons.
  • 95% for two-handed weapons.

This means that (no matter how much accuracy you stack), the maximum Hit Rate that you can hope to achieve in the long term has a capped %.

Additionally, for melee attacks, hit rate cannot fall below 20%, no matter how low your accuracy is or how high the target's evasion is.