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Note: There are many images on this page. It will take time for them to load.


This guide is designed to help people install the game. My images and processes are based on a Windows 10 install.
It is a work in progress and I do plan to expand it and improve it as I get feedback.


PlayOnline & FFXI Download and Install

First, download the game's install file's from HERE.

  • Note that this is for the US install.
  • For the EU install go HERE

There are 4 files and are a total of roughly 5.4GB so it may take a while to download them.

  1. FFXISETUP.exe

Once you have them downloaded make sure you have all 4 in the same location and then run FFXISETUP.exe.

Download page from PlayOnline

An installer will appear. Select "I accept the terms of the license agreement" (that we know you didn't read) and select "Next".

License Agreement

A window will pop up with a 7Z logo. This is a self extractor and is decompressing all the game files.


You'll now get a screen for the actual installer. Click "Next".

FFXI Installer

You'll then get to a screen that allows you to select what you want to install. Everything but DirectX 8.1 is probably checked as your system likely has this installed already. If it doesn't then check it as well but be sure all the other items are checked and hit "Install".

Install Selection Screen

This window will continue to pop up between each section of the install. So after you finish one, it'll start the next one until all are complete. For the most part they are very quick installs.


PlayOnline Viewer will install first. While it does mention Tetra Master, it is no longer available to be played from POL. Click "Next" to continue.

POL Installer

As usual, a warning about having other programs running during installation. It's unlikely that open programs are going to actually cause an install issue or that your antivirus is going to flag the XI install here but it's possible. If you have issues, you could close extra programs and disable your antivirus and try to reinstall. Just click "Next" once you're ready.

Background Applications

Read them if you love to waste time but click "I accept the terms of the license agreement" and then click "Next".

License Agreement

If you wish to change the location of your XI install this is the time to decide. By default it will install in your primary drive's program files. To change it, just hit "Browse" and select the folder you'd like. You could place it on a separate drive if you wish. Once the location is correct or you don't wish to change it, just hit "Next".

Install Location

SE likes extra confirmation menus. If you'd like to review feel free, otherwise hit "Next".

So much NEXT...

POL will now install.


Uncheck the shortcuts you don't want, which is probably both of them... Then hit "Finish".

Shortcuts no one wants

Just hit "Next".

Actual FFXI Installer

And "Next" once again.


More Agreements. Click "Yes".

Legal crap

Again, if you want to change the location here's where you do it for the XI install itself. It'll default to where you installed POL but make sure you install it where you'd like it. Hit "Next" when you are done.

XI install location

Hit "Next".

XI install summary

Admire Amano's art and wait for the XI install to complete.

XI installing...

A shortcut directly to XI is useless as you have to log in to POL so just uncheck it and click "Next".

Useless Shortcut

And onward to the third install, the Zilart Expansion. Click "Next".

Zilart install

Hit "Next" yet again.


More agreements. Hit "Yes" to continue.

Zilart agreement

Allow it to install and then once done hit "Finish".

Zilart install complete

And now the fourth section, the Chains of Promathia expansion install. Click "Next".

CoP installer

Just hit "Next"... So much next.


And another agreement. Click "Yes".

CoP Agreement

The CoP expansion will install. More art!

CoP Install

After it installs click "Finish".

CoP installation complete

The fifth section, Treasures of Aht Urhgan. Click "Next" to continue.

Aht Urhgan install

Just hit "Next".


Another license agreement.

ToAU license agreement

Enjoy some more art and let ToAU install.

ToAU install

Hit "Finish" once it is done.

ToAU install complete

And on to the sixth section, Wings of the Goddess. Click "Next" to continue.

WotG install

Just click "Next".

More and more NEXT!

Another license agreement.

WotG license agreement

More art while it installs. Click "Finish" when it is done.


Seventh is up now, Seekers of Adoulin. Click "Next".

SoA install

Just hit "Next".


More agreement. Hit "Yes".

SoA Agreement

Enjoy Amano's art while it installs.

SoA Art

Once the install is done, hit "Finish".

SoA install complete

And it is finally done. Click "Finish" and it will close.

Entire game is now installed

PlayOnline and account setup

PlayOnline First time setup

Now that the game is installed, open up the start menu and navigate to the "PlayOnline" folder. **Note that in this section you have the "PlayOnline Viewer Config" and "Final Fantasy XI Config" which will allow you to set various settings which you may need.

A wild start menu appears

Once POL opens it will ask you to update. Just hit "Next".

POL updater

This one is the short one. Just click "Update".

Update Screen

It'll run through an initial file check and then start downloading necessary files and install them. This is a pretty short update


Once it completes, hit "OK".

POL update complete

After the update POL wants to restart. Click "Next".

Restarting POL

Once restarted it asks you if you're a member or not. If you click "For PlayOnline Members!" then it goes to the next screen to fill out details. If you select "Start PlayOnline Registration" I think it takes you to POL's site to let you set up an SE account and get your PlayOnline account as well.

  • If you do not already have your accounts set up, continue on with the guide.
  • If you already have your accounts, then skip ahead to the "Add POL Member" section.

Free Trial Account Setup

If you have not played before or just want to start over, you can start a free trial account by going to SE's store: SE's Store
On this page click "ADD TO CART".

Add your trial to cart

A drop-down menu will appear. Click "Check Out" to continue.

Added to cart

It will ask you to sign in. If you have an SE store account already you can use it here but if you don't, you'll have to set up a new one. Click "New Customer" at the top.

Sign in or New Customer

On the "New Customer" tab it has you fill out several fields:

  • A working email address to receive you
  • A unique username
  • Create a new password (write it down just in case)
  • Pick your country
  • Enter Birthday (probably have to be 13+ to play the game but not sure)
  • If you had an old store account you can pick yes here, if not, just pick "No, create a new one".
  • Uncheck if you don't want the SE newsletter
  • The next three boxes you have to check or it won't let you continue.

After everything is filled, hit "JOIN NOW".

SE Store account registration

Now that you have an account it will have you confirm that this item is what you want. Hit "CONTINUE".

Confirm Order

Since SE wants all your data they force you to fill out shipping information despite not shipping you anything.

  • You'll have to enter all of this but keep in mind that only the email and possibly the country actually matter. You could fill in basically anything you want for the rest.
  • Check the box for "Shipping address is the same as Billing address" or you'll have to enter a separate address.
  • Uncheck the box for "email product updates" unless you just like spam.
  • Click "CONTINUE" once done.
"Order" details

This is the order review screen. Not much to do here, just click "PLACE ORDER".

Review screen

At this point your order is done and you should receive an email. I'd recommend you save your order number just in case you have issues.

Order Complete

The email will come from [email protected] Click the completion link to finish.

Trial Account activation email

The link in your email will bring you to a page with your activation key which is a 20 character code. Take note of this somewhere as you'll need it for the next section.

Activation Key

Create an SquareEnix ID

Navigate to SquareEnix's management site:
SE's Management site NA version
SE's Management site EU version
This guide's images and instructions will be based on the NA version but hopefully they are similar enough to help.
Once there, click on the large red button labeled "Register new account".
The blue one will be your go to for any account changes so I'd recommend bookmarking that one.

SE Management Site

The next screen will have you fill out all the information needed to set up your SEID. You'll need:

  • A unique username for your SEID (this will be what you log in to the SE site as well as your primary for PlayOnline for playing XI.
  • A password
  • Your email address. And yeah, this one has to work too as you can't continue without the email it sends.
  • Birthday
  • A security question and answer for it.
  • Hit the Captcha checkbox to prove skynet isn't learning to play MMOs and click "Next".
SE Account registration

On the next page it will point you to your email as you should have gotten an account registration email. In that email is a Confirmation Code. Grab it.

Confirmation Code email

Here's where you'll enter the confirmation code sent to your email. Once entered, hit "Confirm".

Enter confirmation code

And that part is done. Hitting next here brings you to your account. (I don't recall if it makes you log in a second time)

SEID registration complete

SE sends you another email with your SEID. I'd recommend getting this and your password saved somewhere.

SE email with account details

Once logged you can do several things here but we'll focus on getting your XI set up. Click the blue icon that says "Service Accounts" and has the FFXI logo on it.

Your SE Dashboard

SE again wants information. Whatever you enter here, be sure to make note of it as much of it you may need later if you need to recover your account. Once you're done entering your information, hit "Next".

SE Account information

SE finds it necessary to tell you that you've registered, click "Next".

More confirmations

You first need to get a PlayOnline account. Click "Add new PlayOnline servcies account".

FFXI Service accounts page

It's possible there is some important information in here... I didn't read it. Hit "Next" to continue.

More legal crap

On this page you must enter your registration codes for PlayOnline. If you started a trial, you'll enter that code from your email I referenced previously in the guide. If you bought your game, you should have gotten your codes in another way.

  • If purchased with physical copies, your codes would be within the game disc case.
  • In steam, you'll have gotten them within the steam system under "View Codes".
  • If you bought it from SE's site, you'll get them in an email similar to the trial.
  • DO NOT LOSE THESE! You may need them.
  • In any case, get your codes and enter them. Click "Next" once done.
PlayOnline Registration Codes

This goes over a few things about the free trial. Click "Next".

Trial Details

More agreements... Click "Next".

XI Agreement

Finally, you have your POL ID and now you can go set up POL.

POL ID Obtained

Add POL Member

Open up PlayOnline and click "Add Member".

POL login screen

You'll need to fill out most of these:

  • Member Name is whatever you want this entry to be shown as, can be whatever you want.
  • PlayOnline ID is the 8 character code that starts with 4 letters and ends in 4 numbers that you have to get from SE's site.
  • Set Password allows you to save your PlayOnline password so you don't have to type it in every time you log in. It is optional.
  • PlayOnline Password is where you enter that if you want it saved and you have the previous option set.
  • Member Password is just an additional password if you want to use it but it really doesn't add much security as it is only local.
  • Square Enix ID or SEID is the username you need to log in to SE's website to manage your account.
  • One-Time Password is what you turn on if you have a security token. If you do, then set to "Use".
  • After filling all necessary fields, click "Register".
Add Member screen

Once registered it will bring you back to the login screen where you can click your newly added entry. A screen will pop up and just click "Log In". On the next screen enter your SE password and if you use the one-time password enter that generated code and hit "Connect".

Logging in

If this is the first time you've logged in, you'll have to create a "Handle". Which is basically your POL name. Make one and hit "Register".


It then asks if you would like to edit any of the details of your handle, click "Yes" if you do.

More handle stuff

If you decided to edit, it'll bring you to a screen where you can pick a handle image or give details about yourself which your friends will be able to see. Just hit "Back" when done.

Handle edit window

How many agreements does SE make you agree to? On this one you literally have to scroll to the bottom before you hit "Accept" or it will yell at you.

PoL Agreement

On this screen just hit "FINAL FANTASY XI".

POL menu

And on this screen, click "Play".

And another POL menu

SE attempts to warn you not to play too much. Click "Play".

Don't get addicted!!

Now the game has to update. Click "Update".

Dreaded update screen

First thing you should know is that SE's update system is terrible. Each file downloads one at a time and because of how it is structured, it takes forever regardless of how good your internet is. Updating the game can take over 6 hours. It's recommended you either leave it updating overnight or download the update files from another source. If you'd rather not wait, take a look at the "Faster Update" section for a download with the files and instructions to shorten the update process.

How many hours?!

Faster Update

Anyone who has ever played FFXI can tell you how bad the POL update system is. This section goes over how you can skip the wait and get the game updated faster.

Downloading the files

Krizz keeps the most up to date update files that I'm aware of. You can download them here:
The first download link is the Patch Rollup. This file contains almost all the update files and you'll want to extract this one first.
The second download link is the few remaining files that were not included in the patch Rollup. These are normally from the last few updates.
I may make a more detailed guide at some point for this but for now, Krizz does have instructions on how to extract the patch files here:
This will reduce the update time from around 5-6 hours to about 15-20 minutes.

tehkrizz download page


Controller Configuration

Game Beatification

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