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May 2018 Version Update Changes

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Name Icon LV iLV SuLV Skill Description Jobs
Kam'lanaut's Sword Kam'lanaut's Sword icon.png 1 0 0 Sword DMG:1 Delay:240 All
Premium Mogti Premium Mogti icon.png 1 0 0 Hand-to-Hand DMG:+1 Delay:+96 "Final Paradise" All
Brave Blade II Brave Blade II icon.png 99 0 0 Great Sword DMG:1 Delay:480 All


Name Icon LV iLV SuLV Slot Description Jobs
Gil Nabber Shirt Gil Nabber Shirt icon.png 1 0 0 Body DEF:1 All
Kam'lanaut's Shield Kam'lanaut's Shield icon.png 1 0 0 Shields DEF:1 All

General Items

Name Icon Stack Description
Dial Key Fo Dial Key Fo icon.png 99 This slightly rusted key, found in a locked chest on a long-sunken ship, can be used to open the fortune dial of the Gobbie Mystery Box.
Coeurl Mount Coeurl Mount icon.png 1 An astral notebook inscribed with sheet music on how to make a call appealing to a coeurl. Can be shown to Mapitoto in Upper Jeuno for recording so that you may ride a coeurl mount.

Usable Items


Key Items

Temporary Key Items

Permanent Key Items


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