Rhapsodies of Vanadiel Mission 3-2

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The Brewing Storm
Series Rhapsodies of Vana'diel
Starting NPC N/A
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: You have set foot in Reisenjima at long last, reuniting with Iroha in the process. She spends each night staving off the threat posed by narakas in the area. Vanquish three of them to buy her some time.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Darkness Beckons The River Runs Red


  • Kill three Perfervid Narakas that spawn during the night near #6.
    • The hours they spawn are between 20:00-4:00
    • The level of the narakas that must be vanquished has been reduced while the player progressing on the mission is in a party or alliance.
    • If the player progressing through the mission leaves the party or changes areas, the monsters' levels will reset even while in combat and their HP will be restored to full.
  • After defeating them, you will automatically be on the next mission.

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