Undead Killer

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Job Trait Information
Description Gives you an edge when fighting undead.
Type Level
Tier Level Obtained Value
I PLD5, BLU34* 8%
II PLD86, BLU99** 10%
III BLU99** 12%
Blue Mage Notes * Requires the setting of appropriate spells to receive the trait.

** Requires the 100 or 1,200 Blue Mage job gift.


Blue Mage Job Trait Information
Minimum Set Points Needed 5
Trait Points Needed per Tier 8
Level Spell Set Points Trait Points
18 Bludgeon 2 4
34 Smite of Rage 3 4


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Esquire's Mantle Latent Effect (Paladin sub job): Undead Killer +Question%
Arcana Earring Undead Killer +3%
Undead Earring Undead Killer -3%
Caballero Gauntlets Undead Killer +5%
Exorcist Hose Undead Killer +2%
Vampiric Mitts Undead Killer +5%
Templar Mace Undead Killer +2%
Tatami Shield Killer effects +2%
Flawless Ribbon Killer effects +1%
Killer Shortbow Killer effects +2%
Killer's Kilij Killer effects +5%
Eradicator's Kilij Killer effects +Question%
Kaidate Killer effects +2%
Garlic Cracker Undead Killer +10%
Garlic Cracker +1 Undead Killer +12%
Marinara Pizza Undead Killer +5%
Marinara Pizza +1 Undead Killer +5%
Seafood Paella Undead Killer +5%
Piscator's Paella Undead Killer +6%


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