South West Apollyon

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Obtained From...
 Accessed From:  Dem Crag/Al'Taieu
 Required to Access:  Red Card and Cosmo-Cleanse
 Reward for Win:  Charcoal Chip
Limbus Zone Overview

Apollyon SW-Banner.jpg

  • Each Floor except last has 1 Time Chest, 1 Restore Chest and 1 Items Chest.
  • Last floor has only Items Chest
  • Chests and Vortex appear (except on 3rd floor) after some conditions are met on each floor.
  • Only one chest can be opened on each floor.

Artifact Upgrade Information

Floor-by-Floor Information

Floor 1

Floor Map: 1st Floor
Apollyon SW 1st Floor Map
Floor Information: 1st Floor
Boss: none
Other Enemies: Fir Bholg x10
Points of Interest:

Floor 2

Floor Map: 2nd Floor
Apollyon SW 2nd Floor Map
Floor Information: 2nd Floor
Boss: Leafless Jidra
Other Enemies: Jidra x7
Arboricole Hornet
Arboricole Beetle
Arboricole Crawler
Arboricole Spider
Arboricole Opo-opo
Arboricole Raven
Apollyon Sapling
Points of Interest:

Floor 3

Floor Map: 3rd Floor
Apollyon SW 3rd Floor Map
Floor Information: 3rd Floor
Boss: none
Other Enemies: Armoury Crate x8
Points of Interest:
  • The correct Armory Crates are randomly placed on the map.
  • There is one Time,Item,Restore Chests disguised as Armory Crates, opening the wrong one will cause it to change to Mimic.
  • Killing one of the Mimics opens the vortex.

Floor 4

Floor Map: 4th Floor
Apollyon SW 4th Floor Map
Floor Information: 4th Floor
Boss: none
Other Enemies: Dark Elemental x3
Light Elemental x3
Air Elemental x3
Earth Elemental x3
Thunder Elemental x3
Water Elemental x3
Fire Elemental x3
Ice Elemental x3
Points of Interest:
  • Killing the elementals of the same element as the day you engage the 1st one causes Item Chest to appear.
  • Elementals of the same type link.


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