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Some monsters have the ability to move players to them, making it difficult for everyone to stay out of melee range at once. This is colloquially referred to as "Draw-In." Typically it is given to monsters where the player experiences a large advantage by staying out of range, or followed by a damaging Area of Effect ability or spell. Draw-In typically comes in two types, single target, and Party/Alliance-wide.

Single Target

There are quite a few monsters (such as Mimics) that have single-target Draw-In, where they will pull the person highest on the hate list to them. Though generally undesirable, this can actually be helpful in some fights as mages can pull hate without ruining monster placement for everyone. One such example is Proto-Ultima, who Draws-In nuke-happy mages instead of walking up onto the ledge and ruining monster placement.

Typically, single-target Draw-In is limited to Radar range. If you can get far enough away from a Mimic that you can't see it on Radar anymore, then you don't have to worry about it drawing you in.


Alliance-wide Draw-In is a very large annoyance when planning fight strategies, as they often rely on careful player placement to avoid the worst the monster has to offer.

It can, sometimes, be used to player advantage though. Two famous example are the Minotaur in Phomiuna Aqueducts and King Vinegarroon in Western Altepa Desert. In those cases, Alliance-wide Draw-In can be used to pull players across the zone and straight to the notorious monster, instead of wasting time walking.