May 2021 Version Update Changes

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Name Icon LV iLV SuLV Slot Description Jobs
Naji's Loop Naji's Loop icon.png 1 0 0 Rings "Fast Cast"+1% "Cure" potency +1% "Cure" potency II +1% Enmity-1 All


Name Icon LV iLV SuLV Skill Description Jobs
Iapetus Iapetus icon.png 1 0 0 Polearm DMG:1 Delay:492 All
Sophistry Sophistry icon.png 1 0 0 Staff DMG:1 Delay:366 All


Name Icon Stack Description
Korrigan Pot Korrigan Pot icon.png 1 Furnishing: A decorative pot emblazoned with a korrigan motif.
Adenium Pot Adenium Pot icon.png 1 Furnishing: A decorative pot emblazoned with an adenium motif.
Citrullus Pot Citrullus Pot icon.png 1 Furnishing: A decorative pot emblazoned with a citrullus motif.

General Items

Name Icon Stack Description
Red Raptor Mount Red Raptor Mount icon.png 1 An astral notebook inscribed with sheet music on how to make a call appealing to a red raptor. Can be shown to Mapitoto in Upper Jeuno for recording so that you may ride a red raptor mount.

Usable Items

Name Icon Stack Description
Moogle Amp. Moogle Amp. icon.png 99 A mysterious mechanical device that enhances the potency of moglophones. Increases certain rewards earned within Odyssey.
Popo. con Queso Popo. con Queso icon.png 12 A regional delicacy combining the savoriness of fresh popotoes with expertly melted cheese. STR+5 MND+5 Attack+20% (Max. 130) Ranged Attack+20% (Max. 130) Evasion+10% (Max. 50) Magic Evasion+10% (Max. 50)
Popo. con Que. +1 Popo. con Que. +1 icon.png 12 The freshest popotoes combined with perfectly seared cheese brings pure joy to the palate. STR+6 MND+6 Attack+21% (Max. 135) Ranged Attack+21% (Max. 135) Evasion+11% (Max. 55) Magic Evasion+11% (Max. 55)
Seafood Gratin Seafood Gratin icon.png 12 A milky sauce combined with melted cheese adds a wonderful touch to this bounty of the sea. DEX+7 MND+7 Accuracy+20% (Max. 70) Ranged Accuracy+20% (Max. 70) Evasion+12% (Max. 60) Magic Evasion+12% (Max. 60)
Sea. Gratin +1 Sea. Gratin +1 icon.png 12 The delectable aroma brings chefs and fishermen alike to tears of joy. DEX+8 MND+8 Accuracy+21% (Max. 75) Ranged Accuracy+21% (Max. 75) Evasion+13% (Max. 65) Magic Evasion+13% (Max. 65)

Key Items


Active Effects

The Voracious Resurgence