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Steps are one of Dancer's primary ability classes and all share one recast timer. They are used to enfeeble enemies with various Dazes, while obtaining Finishing moves that can exchanged for Flourishes.

Chigoes can be instantly K.O.'d using some of these abilities, which is very useful in certain Assaults.

Name Level TP Recast Kills Chigoes? Daze Type
Quickstep 20 100TP 0:05 No Lethargic Daze
Box Step 30 100TP 0:05 Yes Sluggish Daze
Stutter Step 40 100TP 0:05 Yes Weakened Daze
Feather Step 83 100TP 0:05 No Bewildered Daze

Step Duration

Steps have an interesting "stacking" delay system, an explanation of which can be found on the Daze page. The only thing that affects the duration per step and duration cap are Dancer Job Points, which increase both the cap and the duration per step (including the initial Step) by 1 second per job point level.

Step Accuracy Enhancements

Step Accuracy depends on your melee hit rate (including your normal Accuracy equipment). All Steps tested have shown an innate 10 Accuracy bonus, which can be further enhanced through various pieces of equipment, merits, and Presto. Step Accuracy can also be meritted up to 5 times, for a total of 15 additional Step Accuracy.

  • Example: A level 50 Dancer has a 90% hit rate against a particular monster, which gives them a 95% Step land rate due to the +10 Step Accuracy innate bonus.
Source Amount
Innate Bonus 10 Step Accuracy
Step Accuracy Merits +3 Step Accuracy/Merit Level
Presto 50 Step Accuracy
Dancer's Bangles/Dnc. Bangles +1 10 Step Accuracy
Choreia Earring 5 Step Accuracy
Etoile Shoes/Etoile Shoes +1 10 Step Accuracy
Etoile Shoes +2 15 Step Accuracy
Horos Shoes 15 Step Accuracy
Horos Shoes +1 18 Step Accuracy
Horos Shoes +2 21 Step Accuracy, Step TP Consumed -10
Horos Shoes +3 24 Step Accuracy, Step TP Consumed -20
Maxixi Tiara 10Question Step Accuracy
Maxixi Bangles 15Question Step Accuracy
Maxixi Tiara +1 15 Step Accuracy
Maxixi Bangles +1 20 Step Accuracy
Terpsichore (Level 75) 10 Step Accuracy
Terpsichore (Level 80) 20 Step Accuracy
Terpsichore (Level 85) 30 Step Accuracy
Terpsichore (Level 90)/(95) 40 Step Accuracy
Terpsichore (Level 99)/(II) 50 Step Accuracy
Terpsichore (Level 119)/(II) 50 Step Accuracy
Job Points 20 Step Duration
Etoile Knife Step TP Consumed -20
Horos Knife Step TP Consumed -30
Setan Kober Step TP Consumed -40


Step Acc Bonus determination method and initial data - (Byrthnoth, BG)

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