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A Stone's Throw Away

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A Stone's Throw Away
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Apolliane, Morimar Basalt Fields - (K-10)
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Hardened magma forms crags that dot the landscape, hindering travel. Collect one chunk of marble nugget and bring it back to Apolliane in exchange for her teaching you the arts of destroying these obstacles.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None


  • Talk to Apolliane to start the quest.
  • Mine a Marble Nugget.
    • The marble nugget MUST be obtained through mining on the character completing the quest.
      • This quest has been patched, and you can now obtain marble nugget before getting the quest and it will count.
  • Mining points in Morimar Basalt Fields are located across the map.
    • Getting to these mining points requires you to pass by several Bedrock Crags to get across the zone.
      • Easiest to travel in groups to destroy these quickly, though you will not get benefit from these reives since you do not have "Demolishing" yet.
  • It cannot be obtained in Moh Gates.
  • Return to Apolliane for your reward.

Location of known mining points (Morimar Basalt Fields)

    • (H-5)
    • (H-7/8) - S side of large rock
    • (G-6)
    • (F-6)
    • (F-8)
    • (E-9)
    • (F-10)
    • (F-9) - Connected to pond
    • (I-9) - On the large rock near the edge next to lizards and Frosty Twitherym
    • (J-6) - On SE side of large rock
    • (J-10) - Large rock facing Maca Maca and Frosty Twitherym
    • (J-11) - Located near the entrance to the zone, does not require you to walk past Bedrock Crags
      • Only one to two of these mining points seem to be able to be up at a time.

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