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Aero II

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Were you looking for Aero II (Blood Pact)?

Spell Information
Description: Deals Wind damage to an enemy.
Type: Black Magic Skill: Elemental Magic
Target: Enemy Element: Element: Wind
Casting Time: 1.5 seconds Recast Time: 6 seconds
Cost: 22 MP
Range: 21'
Base Damage Values INT Multipliers
ΔINT: 0 140 ΔINT: 0-49 2.6
ΔINT: 50 270 ΔINT: 50-99 1.8
ΔINT: 100 360 ΔINT: 100-199 1
Monsters 113 Monsters 1.0
Volatile Enmity: - D - Cumulative Enmity: - D -
Command: /ma "Aero II" <t> Scroll Page Link: "View the Scroll Page"
Spell/Job Level Information
Job Level Condition
Black Mage 34 N/A
Scholar 38 N/A
Geomancer 42 N/A
Red Mage 45 N/A
Dark Knight 54 N/A

Obtained From...
NPC Name Zone Cost/Quest/BCNM/ISNM/Drop
Chutarmire Selbina 12236 - 13832 Gil
Hilkomu-Makimu Windurst Waters 12236 - 13832 Gil

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