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Aht Urhgan Mission 44

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Nashmeira's Plea
Series Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Starting NPC Blank Target, Nyzul Isle Staging Point
Title Preventer of Ragnarok
Repeatable No
Description Escort Nashmeira as she sets out to convince Razfahd to halt his radical plan. Head to Nyzul Isle and show your true mercenary meddle!
Previous Mission Next Mission
Fangs of the Lion Ragnarok


  • Check the Blank Target at the Nyzul Isle Staging Point for a cutscene.
  • Head to the Runic Seal (I-9) to enter the battlefield.
  • The time limit for this fight is 45 minutes.
    • This fight was intially uncapped at level 75. Levle 99 players should have little to no difficulty with it.
  • This fight is broken into three separate battles.

Battle 1 (Raubahn)

  • Raubahn re-raises twice during this fight, meaning you must defeat him three times to move on.
  • He has access to all Blue Mage spells and abilities.
  • Each time he re-raises, his job abilities, including his Azure Lore timer are reset.
  • He seems to favor the spell Eyes On Me and will cast it often.
    • The damage from this spell goes up considerably when parred with Azure Lore, doing well over 1,000 damage.
  • Every time he uses Azure Lore he will follow it up with Eyes On Me.
  • He has access to sword Weapon Skills.
  • The final time he re-raises, he will have an immunity to either mele, magic, or ranged damage.
    • The immunity is determined by what form of damage you used to deal the most damage to him. If you used mostly mele damage for the first 2 rounds, he will be immune to mele in the third round, ect.
    • If you mix the type of damage you deal, i.e. magic round one and mele round 2, he will have no immunity the third round, but he will have increased defense.

Battle 2 (Razfahd)

  • He is unable to move at all during the fight.
  • He is a Paladin type monster and has access to Banish IV, Banishga III, Dia III, and Holy II.
  • At 50% HP he uses Perfect Defense and becomes immune to all forms of damage for a short time.

Battle 3 (Alexander)

  • This part of the battle is likely to take the longest to finish so plan accordingly.
  • Like Razfahd he cannot move at all during the fight.
  • He is a Paladin type monster and has access to Banish IV, Banishga III, Dia III, and Holy II and Mega Holy.
  • He has access to the following abilities:
    • Draw In: Used only when the person with hate moves too far away.
    • Radiant Sacrament: AoE and wipes Utsusemi. Additional Effect: Magic Defense Down.
    • Void of Repentance: Terrorizes target.
    • Gospel of the Lost: Heals for around 900-1100 HP and removes debuffs.
      • This move can be stunned, but it has a very quick casting time.
    • Divine Spear: Damage + additional effect of attack -25%.
    • Divine Judgement: AoE 1000+ damage and clears Utsusemi. He will use this ability at 50% of his HP and several times again as his health decreases. He will say "ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ" just before using this move.
    • Perfect Defense: He becomes immune to all forms of damage for a short time.
  • The battle is over once Alexander is defeated.


  • If you fail this fight, return to Naja Salaheem for another key item to try again.

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