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Category:Ancient Magic

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"Ancient Magic" spells are high-MP cost, high-casting time, high damage spells that only Black Mages can learn and utilize. Ancient Magic spells, especially those of tier II, are designed to be Magic Bursted through group coordination, or used for their static Enmity. They also have a minor utility for their resistance reduction properties.

There are two tiers of Ancient Magic:

  • Tier I: Learned with Scrolls between level 50 and 60.
  • Tier II: Learned through Group 2 Merits for Black Mage.

Ancient Magic

These spells have poor MP efficiency and extremely long casting times (up to 19 seconds) and were designed to be used for Magic Bursting purposes in lower level Experience Points parties. Tier 3 spells of the same level are generally 40~50% more MP efficient, meaning it is far more MP efficient to nuke with Tier 3s outside of a magic burst than magic burst an ancient magic. These spells gained new utility in 2014, when their Enmity was made static and their damage was boosted substantially. Though less MP efficient than Ancient Magic tier II, they are still an attractive low-enmity nuke option.

Each spell lowers the elemental resistance of the element that is "strong" to it by 30 points (30 Magic Evasion) for 10 seconds. As you can see below, spells are organized so that such elements fall in ascending order of power and casting time. This means that if six Black Mages started casting at the same time, each spell (except Freeze) would land while the previous one's resistance reduction was in effect.

Spell MP V M
Freeze GUI.png Freeze 307 526 2.0
Tornado GUI.png Tornado 322 552 2.0
Quake GUI.png Quake 337 577 2.0
Burst GUI.png Burst 352 603 2.0
Flood GUI.png Flood 368 630 2.0
Flare GUI.png Flare 383 657 2.0

Ancient Magic II

Tier II Ancient Magic spells (AM2, AM II) are available only to black mages and must be unlocked with group 2 merits. The spells are stronger, faster-casting, and more MP efficient than the lower level Ancient Magic; however, they are still not competitive with the efficiency of tier I~VI elemental nukes. Like Ancient Magic I spells, they were also designed for Magic Bursting, with additional merit levels increasing their Magic Burst damage by 3% per level (to a maximum of +12% bonus damage). Also like Ancient Magic I spells, these were given a substantial strategic boost in 2014 when their Enmity was made static (does not depend on damage dealt). Now they are a great low enmity nuking option.

Unlike Ancient Magic I, all Ancient Magic II spells have the same base damage, casting time, MP cost, and recast. Their resistance reduction effect is unknown Question.

Spell MP V M
Freeze GUI.png Freeze II 287 710 2.0
Tornado GUI.png Tornado II 287 710 2.0
Quake GUI.png Quake II 287 710 2.0
Burst GUI.png Burst II 287 710 2.0
Flood GUI.png Flood II 287 710 2.0
Flare GUI.png Flare II 287 710 2.0

Enhancing Ancient Magic II

Ancient Magic II spells can be uniquely enhanced by the Augmented Sorcerer's Attire Set +2 and Archmage's Attire Set/+1:

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