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Attack depends on STR and player skill with the weapon type currently in use (1 Skill : 1 Attack). The exact relationship between STR and Attack varies by weapon type:

Attack (2H) = 8 + Skill + Floor(3×STR÷4)
Attack (1H main) = 8 + Skill + Floor(3×STR÷4)
Attack (1H sub) = 8 + Skill + Floor(STR÷2)
Attack (H2H) = 8 + Skill + Floor(5×STR÷8)
Ranged Attack (with a ranged weapon equipped) = 8 + Skill + Floor(3×STR÷4)

Attack is used to calculate pDIF and determine the range of damages that are possible with any given base damage against a target with a specific defense and level.

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