Beyond Infinity

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Beyond Infinity
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Nomad Moogle, Ru'Lude Gardens
Pack None
Title Bushin-Ryu Inheritor
Repeatable No
Description Atori-Tutori has deigned to present you with your final challenge--a sparring match with the smug Taru himself. Acquire a soul gem and soul gem clasp and meet your opponent for the ultimate showdown.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Prelude to Puissance Martial Mastery
Soul gem clasp, Soul gem, Seasoning Stone
Scroll of Instant Warp, Raises level cap to 99.


  • After completing the previous quest, the moogle will give you the option to warp to a BCNM.
  • You are about to enter a 6-man Battlefield against Atori-Tutori. The fight is difficult and there is an optional sidequest that you can do for an enfeebling item, see below.
    • The Nomad Moogle will offer to warp you to one of several BC zones once you have given him the stone, which you pick does not matter.
    • Players who have previously completed the quest can assist without restriction but will not be warped to the BCNM.
  • Warp to one of the zones with the rest of your party.
  • Fight and defeat Atori-Tutori.
  • If you are defeated, you may enter the fight again by paying 1 Merit Point or 5 High Kindred's Crests.
    • The Seasoning Stone has been available from the Repeat Login Campaign for a measly 10 points for quite a few months in a row. There is no sign that it will be removed.
    • Keep in mind that besides obtaining seals from mobs, two easier ways exist to obtain various seals:
      • Spend Login Campaign points - each seal is only 10 points.
      • Shemo can exchange any other type of seal at a 3:1 ratio.
    • Keep in mind that Shemo can exchange any other type of seal at a 3:1 ratio if you do not have enough of the required seal for this quest.
  • Warp back and talk to the Nomad Moogle to have your level limit increased, and to finish this quest.


Fight Strategy

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