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Crafting food comes in two varieties, Rusks and Macarons.

Previously a hotly debated subject for years, the exact effects of each were finally settled when SE published the details, now visible on each item description.

  • Rusks decrease synthesis failure while increasing the rate of high-quality results.
  • Macarons increase the rate of synthesis success and the rate at which a player skills up their craft.
  • These items stack with the various other pieces crafting equipment, however the effects are multiplicative and not additive.
  • Which is to say adding +10 High-quality success rate will not increase a tier 0 synth from an approximate 2% HQ rate to 12%.
    Instead this rate would be increased by .2% to 2.2%. If you had a 50% chance of HQing (Tier 3) then +10 High-quality success rate would increase your chances to 55%.
Icon Food Effect Rate Effect Rate
Sugar Rusk icon.png Sugar Rusk Synthesis failure rate -2% High-quality success rate +1
Chocolate Rusk icon.png Chocolate Rusk -4% +2
Tiny Rusk icon.png Tiny Rusk -4% +2
Coconut Rusk icon.png Coconut Rusk -6% +3
Cherry Macaron icon.png Cherry Macaron Skill up rate up +3% Synthesis success rate up +3%
Coffee Macaron icon.png Coffee Macaron +5% +5%
Tiny Macaron icon.png Tiny Macaroon +5% +5%
Kitron Macaron icon.png Kitron Macaron +7% +7%


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