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Category:Crafting Food

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Crafting food comes in two varieties, Rusks and Macarons. The potency of the different varieties have been inferred from their synth's Cooking skill cap, and the effects have been largely implied from JP results. Quantitative testing on the effects of these foods have been lacking.

Icon Food Effect Rate Effect Rate
Sugar Rusk icon.png Sugar Rusk Synthesis failure rate -2% High-quality success rate +1
Chocolate Rusk icon.png Chocolate Rusk -4% +2
Tiny Rusk icon.png Tiny Rusk -4% +2
Coconut Rusk icon.png Coconut Rusk -6% +3
Cherry Macaron icon.png Cherry Macaron Skill up rate up +3% Synthesis success rate up +3%
Coffee Macaron icon.png Coffee Macaron +5% +5%
Tiny Macaroon icon.png Tiny Macaroon +5% +5%
Kitron Macaron icon.png Kitron Macaron +7% +7%


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