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Storm spells are a Scholar-native class of enhancing magic that effectively give permanent single weather to their targets. This can be used to activate some latent effects and for Magic Day/Weather Bonuses, but it cannot be used for Magian Trials. All 8 elements are available, so these spells can be paired with the element of the day and appropriate Elemental Obi for a permanent +20% magic damage boost to spells of the day.

Storm spells override environmental weather effects on the buffed individual. For example, personal Aurorastorm will override a Dynamis double dark weather. As such, these enhancements are not additive to environmental effects. Day of the week effects apply separately.

Scholar Storm II spells function as double weather in the same manner as Storm I spells.

Storm spells can be enhanced with the Scholar group 2 Stormsurge merit. With merits in stormsurge, while storm spells are active, the recipient of the status effect will also receive a boost in the attribute associated with that element (e.g. STR for Firestorm and AGI for Windstorm).


  • If it is Windsday and Element: Ice weather, you can cast Windstorm on yourself, wear Furin Obi, and receive a constant +20% damage instead of an inconsistent +10%/-10% damage.
  • If it is Element: Ice weather, you can cast Hailstorm on yourself and wear Hachirin-no-Obi, you will only benefit from single weather effect for a constant +10% damage.
  • If it is Iceday and you can cast Hailstorm on yourself and wear Hachirin-no-Obi, you will benefit from single weather effect (10%) in addition to the day bonus (10%) for a constant +20% total.

Element T1 Lvl T1 Spell T2 Job Points Spell 1/5 Stormsurge +Base Stat 4/5 Stormsurge +Base Stat 5/5 Stormsurge +Base Stat
Element: Earth 41 Sandstorm Sandstorm II +3 VIT +6 VIT +7 VIT
Element: Water 42 Rainstorm Rainstorm II +3 MND +6 MND +7 MND
Element: Wind 43 Windstorm Windstorm II +3 AGI +6 AGI +7 AGI
Element: Fire 44 Firestorm Firestorm II +3 STR +6 STR +7 STR
Element: Ice 45 Hailstorm Hailstorm II +3 INT +6 INT +7 INT
Element: Thunder 46 Thunderstorm Thunderstorm II +3 DEX +6 DEX +7 DEX
Element: Dark 47 Voidstorm Voidstorm II +1 All Stats +3 All Stats +3 All Stats
Element: Light 48 Aurorastorm Aurorastorm II +3 CHR +6 CHR +7 CHR

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