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Event Period

Celestial Nights 2017.jpg
Edition Campaign Period
2017 Friday, June 30 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Thursday, July 13 at 7:59 a.m.
2018 Monday, July 2, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Monday, July 16, at 7:59 a.m.
2019 Monday, July 1, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Monday, July 15, at 7:59 a.m.
2020 Tuesday, June 30, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Tuesday, July 14, at 7:59 a.m.

Moogle Meetings

Stop by at the following locations and say hello to our cuddly little friends for your very own invitation!
Northern San d'Oria (D-8) / Bastok Markets (G-8) / Windurst Waters (north side) (F-5)

Seasonal Event Moogles.jpg


Note: The guide below is copied from previous years; there are no changes or new item rewards.

  • Please use "motion" at the end of your /emotes in order to prevent chat log spam.

As with every MHMU event, mayhem ensues. And like everything else in Vana'diel, everything will fall a part if you don't pay attention to it. Your goal is to escort Prince Yahiko and Princess Amdina through the town to finish the play. But you must overcome a fickle male lead, a drama queen female lead, and several intractable floozies along the way!

  • Speak to one of the Moogles at the above locations.
    • Note: You can join mid-round, but you will not receive credit unless you start from the beginning with the Prince and Princess.
  • Prince Yahiko and Princess Amdina will proceed through the city at the locations listed below.
    • In Northern San d'Oria they spawn at (F-5) and travel a circuitous route to (F-7).
    • In Bastok Markets they spawn at (E-11) and travel to (J-9).
    • In Windurst Waters they spawn at (F-7) / (G-7) and walk in a circle around the zone back to their spawn spots.
  • The Prince and Princess will stop at specific intervals to either deliver lines, or for the Princess to think out loud.
    • When she is thinking, her thoughts will be in parenthesis, (Like this).
      • When the Princess has positive thoughts, nod at her with the /yes or /nod emote to encourage her.
      • When the Princess has negative thoughts, shake your head with the /no emote to get her to dismiss them.
      • The Princess will occasionally backtrack to the previous dialog point.
  • The floozies Loaranne, Hiltrude, and Mihn Rhettorah (in Northern San d'Oria, Bastok Markets, and Windurst Waters respectively) will appear in random spots (and multiple times in each procession), they will try to distract the Prince. If they succeed multiple times, it will end the performance.
    • You can use the /wave emote to get the attention of a floozie and she will look in your direction. You can use this to turn her so that she will not aggro the Prince as he walks by.
      • She will eventually lose interest in you, she may turn back and aggro the Prince.
      • This requires at least one other player and very good timing. Her aggro distance is hard to judge, and she only pays attention to you for a couple seconds. If you time waves with another player, it works well.
    • Should the floozie walk up to the Prince, spam the /slap emote on the Prince to get him back on course. The floozie can run up to him every time, but as long as you slap him you can still finish the course.
      • Even if she walks up multiple times while they are walking on the path, just keep slapping him so he continues. She will probably walk up every time she sees him, even if you wave at her in time.
  • When you reach the end of the procession, speak to Princess Amdina to receive your reward.


Celestial Nights Rewards
Item Notes
R. Bamboo Grass description.png
  • First completion in San d'Oria
B. Bamboo Grass description.png
  • First completion in Bastok
G. Bamboo Grass description.png
  • First completion in Windurst
Ta Moko description.png
Swimming Togs description.png

Cossie Top description.png
Cossie Bottom description.png

  • Second event completion
    • While in possession of the Bamboo from the nation where you are repeating the event.
Ta Moko +1 description.png
Swimming Togs +1 description.png
Cossie Top +1 description.png
Cossie Bottom +1 description.png
  • Third event completion
    • While wearing the NQ body and leg pieces from the second completion.
Random number (observed values between 5 and 25) of:

Summer Fan description.png
Festive Fan description.png
Komanezumi description.png

  • Subsequent completions

Sold By Moogles

Moogles selling items from previous years Celestial Nights as well as the Sunbreeze Festival are located at:

NQ Swimsuits
Male Female Cost (Gil) Male Female Cost (Gil)
Hume GiletHume Gilet description.png Hume TopHume Top description.png 5,000 Elvaan GiletElvaan Gilet description.png Elvaan TopElvaan Top description.png 5,000
Tarutaru MaillotTarutaru Maillot description.png Tarutaru TopTarutaru Top description.png 5,000 Galka GiletGalka Gilet description.png Mithra TopMithra Top description.png 5,000
Hume TrunksHume Trunks description.png Hume ShortsHume Shorts description.png 5,000 Elvaan TrunksElvaan Trunks description.png Elvaan ShortsElvaan Shorts description.png 5,000
Tarutaru TrunksTarutaru Trunks description.png Tarutaru ShortsTarutaru Shorts description.png 5,000 Galka TrunksGalka Trunks description.png Mithra ShortsMithra Shorts description.png 5,000
Custom GiletCustom Gilet description.png Custom TopCustom Top description.png 5,000 Magna GiletMagna Gilet description.png Magna TopMagna Top description.png 5,000
Wonder MaillotWonder Maillot description.png Wonder TopWonder Top description.png 5,000 Elder GiletElder Gilet description.png Savage TopSavage Top description.png 5,000
Custom TrunksCustom Trunks description.png Custom ShortsCustom Shorts description.png 5,000 Magna TrunksMagna Trunks description.png Magna ShortsMagna Shorts description.png 5,000
Wonder TrunksWonder Trunks description.png Wonder ShortsWonder Shorts description.png 5,000 Elder TrunksElder Trunks description.png Savage ShortsSavage Shorts description.png 5,000
Marine GiletMarine Gilet description.png Marine TopMarine Top description.png 5,000 Woodsy GiletWoodsy Gilet description.png Woodsy TopWoodsy Top description.png 5,000
Creek MaillotCreek Maillot description.png Creek TopCreek Top description.png 5,000 Dune GiletDune Gilet description.png River TopRiver Top description.png 5,000
Marine BoxersMarine Boxers description.png Marine ShortsMarine Shorts description.png 5,000 Woodsy BoxersWoodsy Boxers description.png Woodsy ShortsWoodsy Shorts description.png 5,000
Creek BoxersCreek Boxers description.png Creek ShortsCreek Shorts description.png 5,000 Dune BoxersDune Boxers description.png River ShortsRiver Shorts description.png 5,000
Rustic MaillotRustic Maillot description.png Shoal MaillotShoal Maillot description.png 5,000 Rustic TrunksRustic Trunks description.png Shoal TrunksShoal Trunks description.png 5,000
HQ Swimsuits
Male Female Cost (Gil) Male Female Cost (Gil)
Hume Gilet +1Hume Gilet +1 description.png Hume Top +1Hume Top +1 description.png 7,500 Elvaan Gilet +1Elvaan Gilet +1 description.png Elvaan Top +1Elvaan Top +1 description.png 7,500
Taru. Maillot +1Taru. Maillot +1 description.png Tarutaru Top +1Tarutaru Top +1 description.png 7,500 Galka Gilet +1Galka Gilet +1 description.png Mithra Top +1Mithra Top +1 description.png 7,500
Hume Trunks +1Hume Trunks +1 description.png Hume Shorts +1Hume Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Elvaan Trunks +1Elvaan Trunks +1 description.png Elvaan Shorts +1Elvaan Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Taru. Trunks +1Taru. Trunks +1 description.png Taru. Shorts +1Taru. Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Galka Trunks +1Galka Trunks +1 description.png Mithra Shorts +1Mithra Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Custom Gilet +1Custom Gilet +1 description.png Custom Top +1Custom Top +1 description.png 7,500 Magna Gilet +1Magna Gilet +1 description.png Magna Top +1Magna Top +1 description.png 7,500
Wonder Maillot +1Wonder Maillot +1 description.png Wonder Top +1Wonder Top +1 description.png 7,500 Elder Gilet +1Elder Gilet +1 description.png Savage Top +1Savage Top +1 description.png 7,500
Custom Trunks +1Custom Trunks +1 description.png Custom Shorts +1Custom Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Magna Trunks +1Magna Trunks +1 description.png Magna Shorts +1Magna Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Wonder Trunks +1Wonder Trunks +1 description.png Wonder Shorts +1Wonder Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Elder Trunks +1Elder Trunks +1 description.png Savage Shorts +1Savage Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Marine Gilet +1Marine Gilet +1 description.png Marine Top +1Marine Top +1 description.png 7,500 Woodsy Gilet +1Woodsy Gilet +1 description.png Woodsy Top +1Woodsy Top +1 description.png 7,500
Creek Maillot +1Creek Maillot +1 description.png Creek Top +1Creek Top +1 description.png 7,500 Dune Gilet +1Dune Gilet +1 description.png River Top +1River Top +1 description.png 7,500
Marine Boxers +1Marine Boxers +1 description.png Marine Shorts +1Marine Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Woodsy Boxers +1Woodsy Boxers +1 description.png Woodsy Shorts +1Woodsy Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Creek Boxers +1Creek Boxers +1 description.png Creek Shorts +1Creek Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Dune Boxers +1Dune Boxers +1 description.png River Shorts +1River Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Rustic Maillot +1Rustic Maillot +1 description.png Shoal Maillot +1Shoal Maillot +1 description.png 7,500 Rustic Trunks +1Rustic Trunks +1 description.png Shoal Trunks +1Shoal Trunks +1 description.png 7,500
Far Eastern Robes
Male Female Cost (Gil) Male Female Cost (Gil)
Onoko YukataOnoko Yukata description.png Omina YukataOmina Yukata description.png 2,500 Lord's YukataLord's Yukata description.png Lady's YukataLady's Yukata description.png 3,750
Otoko YukataOtoko Yukata description.png Onago YukataOnago Yukata description.png 5,000 Otokogimi YukataOtokogimi Yukata description.png Onnagimi YukataOnnagimi Yukata description.png 7,500
Otokogusa YukataOtokogusa Yukata description.png Onnagusa YukataOnnagusa Yukata description.png 10,000 Otokoeshi YukataOtokoeshi Yukata description.png Ominaeshi YukataOminaeshi Yukata description.png 12,500
Hikogami YukataHikogami Yukata description.png Himegami YukataHimegami Yukata description.png 15,000 Kengyu HappiKengyu Happi description.png Shokujo HappiShokujo Happi description.png 15,000
Kengyu HanmomohikiKen. Hanmomohiki description.png Shokujo HanmomohikiSho. Hanmomohiki description.png 15,000

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