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Conquest Points

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Conquest Points are obtained when players take part in Conquest with the Signet status applied.

You can check your current points for your allied nation by

  • /map command
  • Navigating to the map in the main menu
  • Status > Currencies menu

When switching nations you will retain your conquest points, but they are unusable until you switch back to that nation.


Conquest points are obtained with following formula:

(EXP/10) * Region Modifier = Conquest Points
  • EXP: Any Experience Point Bonuses are applied where EXP is
  • Region Modifier:
    • 1 = Region under your Allegiance control
    • 1.5 = Region not controlled by your Allegiance (other nation or beastmen)
    • 1.6 = Player has a Moghancement that increases CP gain.

In the event of a nation alliance, the first place nation will get a 1.5 modifier in all regions; the allianced nations will get a modifier of 2 in regions controlled by the first place nation, a modifier of 1.5 in Beastmen controlled regions, and a modifier of 1 in areas controlled by either nation in the alliance.


Equipment is obtainable in exchange for Conquest Points. Each nation rank has its own purchasable items.

Players who are allied to a nation other than the one they wish to purchase an item from must meet the following requirements:

  • Common items cost the same to everybody regardless of rank or allegiance.
  • Each rank's point cost is essentially one rank higher. For example, Rank 1 items cost the same as Rank 2 cost at your allied nation.
  • Their current nation must be ranked higher than the one they wish to purchase from.
  • If an item has a nation rank requirement, only citizens of that nation can purchase them.

See the links below for items available for purchase, depending on your allegiance.

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