Conquest Points

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Conquest Points are points obtained when players take part in Conquest.

See the Conquest page for acquisition methods. Continue reading below for further information regarding Conquest Points.

Checking Points

You can check your current points for your allied nation by the following methods:

  • /map command
  • Navigating to the map in the main menu
  • Status > Currencies menu

When switching nations you will retain your conquest points, but they are unusable until you switch back to that nation.


Conquest points are obtained with following formula:

(EXP/10) * Region Modifier = Conquest Points
  • EXP: Any Experience Point Bonuses are applied where EXP is
  • Region Modifier:
    • 1 = Region under your Allegiance control
    • 1.5 = Region not controlled by your Allegiance (other nation or beastmen)
    • 1.6 = Player has a Moghancement that increases CP gain.

In the event of a nation alliance, the first place nation will get a 1.5 modifier in all regions; the allianced nations will get a modifier of 2 in regions controlled by the first place nation, a modifier of 1.5 in Beastmen controlled regions, and a modifier of 1 in areas controlled by either nation in the alliance.


Items and Equipment are obtainable in exchange for Conquest Points. Each nation rank has its own purchasable items.

Players who are allied to a nation other than the one they wish to purchase an item from must meet the following requirements:

  • Common items cost the same to everybody regardless of rank or allegiance.
    • Some common items, although identical, can only be purchased from your home nation.
  • Each rank's point cost is essentially one rank higher. For example, Rank 1 items cost the same as Rank 2 cost at your allied nation.
  • Their current nation must be ranked higher than the one they wish to purchase from.
  • If an item has a nation rank requirement, only citizens of that nation can purchase them.
  • A player cannot purchase any Rank 10 items from another nation, only their own.

Items available for purchase depend on your allegiance:

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