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Weapon Skill Information
Description: Delivers an aerial attack comprised of three hits. Accuracy varies with TP.
Weapon Type: Axe (240 Skill) Target: Single
Class: Physical
Stat Modifier: 50% STR fTP: 1.75
TP Modifier 1000 TP 2000 TP 3000 TP
Accuracy: Question Question Question
Skillchain: Fusion / Reverberation
Command: /ws "Decimation" <stnpc>
Job Level Information
Level Jobs
99 WAR, DRK, BST, RNG, RUN via Kaja Axe in the main hand only
Quest Required: Axe the Competition

Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Kaja Axe Main hand: "Decimation" damage +120%


  • Decimation is only unlockable to the jobs listed above, regardless of the axe skill level another job may attain; due to the necessity of equipping Pick of Trials to complete the trial.
    • Warriors and Beastmasters can not start the quest Axe the Competition before level 71 due to the necessity of equipping Pick of Trials.
    • Any job, regardless of skill level or completion of Axe the Competition, may use this Weapon Skill while equipped with Kaja Axe in the main hand.
      • The "Decimation" damage boost applies to all hits in the Weapon Skill.
  • This weaponskill has its fTP transferred across all hits, making Elemental Gorgets and Elemental Belts excellent neck and waist gear options.


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