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Melee Delay

Melee weapons have a listed delay that determines the base TP they give per hit and the time that it takes to swing without forms of melee delay reduction.

  • Time per swing (seconds) = Base Delay ÷ 58.6-60.4 Delay per Second

The conversion coefficient is often rounded to 60 delay/second, but there is evidence that it is not entirely constant and it is unclear why.

Example: Mandau's delay is listed as 176; the approximate delay in Earth time is then 176/60, or approximately 2.93 seconds.

Ranged Delay

Ranged weapons delay denominator is likely a constant in the game, but in effect changes with the delay of the weapon, possibly due to network delay overhead on each shot. For a 582 delay weapon it was shown the denominator in effect ends up being about 114 delay/second, it was also shown longer delay weapons tend to have a bit higher denominators where as lower delay weapons tend to have slightly higher denominators, in effect. The reason for this isn't known but network delay is suspected. Older information has shown ~106 delay/second so that will be used in the examples. Example: Othinus' Bow's delay is listed as 432; the actual delay in Earth time is then 432/106, or approximately 4.07 seconds.

For compound ranged weapons:

  • Only ranged weapons' (not ammunition) delay account for the aiming delay (actual delay).
  • There's additional ~1 second overhead delay after aiming to shoot phase, this is similar to the cooldown between using spells.
    • Result: The normal ranged delay between 2 shots (without Rapid Shot activation) of Othinus' Bow is approximately 4.6 seconds.
    • Ammunition delay only plays a part in TP calculation, higher ammo delay then is a positive stat, upping your tp per hit at no cost to ranged attack delay Verification Needed. In general Bolts have the most ammunition delay, Bullets second most and Arrows the least. Throwing weapons such as shurikens seem to use the ammo delay as the actual ranged delay but has not been tested Verification Needed.
  • There are three sources of Ranged delay reduction, no delay reduction for ranged attacks will reduce tp per hit, you will always get the full TP per hit similar to haste for melee:

The final equation for Ranged Delay is:

Ranged Weapon Delay x (1 - Snapshot) x (1 - Velocity Shot) x (1 - Rapid Shot)

Where the ranged weapon delay excludes the ammo for ranged weapons, but includes it for thrown weapons (though the ammo is still used for TP calculation in both cases) and Snapshot and Velocity Shot are represented as decimals (70% would be .7, 60% is .6, etc). Also where Rapid Shot is a percent chance to activate, and upon activating will reduce the delay between 1/16 and 8/16.

Some more illustrative examples:

Ex1: 400 delay with 50% Snapshot and a Rapid Shot proc of 8/16 or 50% would yield 400 * (1 - .5) * (1 - .5) = a 100 delay shot. With 34% Velocity Shot this same shot would become 100 * (1 - .34) = 66 delay.

Ex2: 70% Snapshot and 34% Velocity Shot with no Rapid Shot proc: 400 delay * (1 - .7) * (1 - .34) = 79.2 delay

Ex3: 70% Snapshot and no Velocity Shot with no Rapid Shot proc: 400 delay * (1 - .7) = 120 delay

Ex4: 70% Snapshot and no Velocity Shot with Rapid Shot proc at 8/16 value: 400 delay * (1 - .7) * (1 - .5) = 60 delay

Ex5: 70% Snapshot and 34% Velocity Shot with Rapid Shot proc at 8/16 value: 400 delay * (1 - .7) * (1 - .5) * (1 - .34) = 39.6 delay


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