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Job Trait Information
Description Reduces delay of Ranged Attacks.
Type Merit
Job Ranger
Merit Points
Group 2 Ranks Available 5
Effect of each Rank Reduces aiming delay by 2% per merit level.


  • This job trait does not reduce TP/hit, making it the Haste equivalent for ranged damage dealers.
  • Cap of 70% from all sources reported by the official forums.
    • There is no individual caps for the like of Haste from gear, from magical effects, or from job abilities; the total cap is simply 70% from all sources added together.
  • Rapid Shot has been stated by the official forums to be calculated separately, as is Velocity Shot.
  • Corsair Gifts give 10% Snapshot.
  • Courser's Roll gives an unknown value of Snapshot.
  • Flurry II Snapshot has been stated by the official forums to be 30%, Flurry I values were never given but some believe it corresponds to Haste for a 15% bonus.
  • Embrava was given an unknown value of Snapshot in the August 5, 2015 version update.
  • Overkill also gives a reduction to ranged attack delay, but its exact mechanics are unknown as it seems to break the cap (currently speculacted to halve delay after all other sources considered, much like Hundred Fists does at 75% reduction for Monk).


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Jalzahn's Ring Assault: Snapshot +Question%
Ebon Visor Snapshot +Question%
Ebon Jerkin Snapshot +Question%
Furia Visor Snapshot +Question%
Furia Jerkin Snapshot +Question%
Ebur Visor Snapshot +Question%
Ebur Jerkin Snapshot +Question%
Commodore Gants Snapshot +Question%
Commodore Gants +1 Snapshot +Question%
Zha'Go's Barbut Snapshot +3%
Gastraphetes Snapshot +10%
Impulse Belt Snapshot +3%
Aurore Beret +1 Snapshot +5%
Sylvan Gapette +1 Snapshot +5%
Sylvan Gapette +2 Snapshot +5%Verification Needed
Navarch's Mantle Snapshot +6.5%
Navarch's Culottes +1 Snapshot +Question%
Navarch's Culottes +2 Snapshot +6.5%
Oneiros Coif Snapshot +Question%
Acinaces Snapshot +6.5%
Alruna's Gloves Snapshot +Question%
Commodore Gants +2 Snapshot +9%
Scout's Jerkin +2 Augment-Icon.png: Double Shot rate +1% per snapshot merit level.
Mustela Brais Snapshot +5%
Wurrukatte Boots Snapshot +6%
Khepri Gamashes Augment-Icon.png: Snapshot +2-3%
Ahkormaar Bow Snapshot +Question%
Ahkormaar Bow +1 Snapshot +Question%
Manibozho Gloves Snapshot +4%
Nahtirah Trousers Snapshot +9%
Iuitl Wristbands Snapshot +5%
Chasseur's Culottes Snapshot +6
Chasseur's Culottes +1 Snapshot +7
Camaraderie Bow Reives: Snapshot +Question%
Camaraderie Bowgun Reives: Snapshot +Question%
Helios Armor Set Augment-Icon.png: 1-5% (Each Piece)
Taeon Armor Set Augment-Icon.png: 1-10% (Each Piece)
Acro Armor Set Augment-Icon.png: 1-5% (Each Piece)
Telchine Armor Set Augment-Icon.png: 1-5%(Each Piece)
Oshosi Vest 12%
Oshosi Vest +1 14%
Oshosi Gloves 8%
Oshosi Gloves +1 10%
Compensator 10%
Ambuscade Capes Augment-Icon.png: 1-10%
Orion Braccae +2 10%
Orion Braccae +3 15%
Pursuer's Doublet Augment-Icon.png: 6%
Commodore Charm 2%
Commodore Charm +1 3%
Commodore Charm +2 4%
Scout's Gorget 2%
Scout's Gorget +1 3%
Scout's Gorget +2 4%
Scout's Crossbow 10%
Arke Crossbow 15%
Sharanga 20%