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Blue Mage Spell Information
Description Gives party members within area of effect the effect of "Stoneskin."
Available Level 67
Type Earth-BLU-Icon.gif Magical
MP Cost 99 MP Cast Time 7 seconds
Point Cost 3 Recast Time 90 seconds
Target Self Range
Stat Bonus VIT +1
Scroll: Diamondhide (Scroll) description.png
Enhancement Effect Stoneskin Duration 15 minutes
Monster Type Beastmen Monster Family Troll
Volatile Enmity 300 Cumulative Enmity 1


  • Stoneskin formula is (Blue Magic Skill/3) * 2
    • Caps at 500 skill.
  • Overwritten by, but does not overwrite Stoneskin, Earthen Ward, Rampart.
  • Unaffected by Stoneskin enhancement equipment.
  • Can only be learned from Armored Trolls (WAR/PLD/DRK)
  • Will only use Diamondhide after weapon broken and switches to H2H
    • Armored Trolls in Wajaom Woodlands did not require their weapon to be broken to use Diamondhide.

Spell Obtainment

Learned from: Troll Blue Magic Skill Required to Learn: 205+
Monster Level Zone Map
Troll 67-75   Halvung Halvung-map1.jpgcenter link=
Troll 72-73   Wajaom Woodlands Wajaom Woodlands-map.jpgcenter link=
Troll 71-73   Bhaflau Thickets Bhaflau Thickets-map1.jpgcenter link=
Troll 79-83   Mount Zhayolm Mount Zhayolm-map.jpgcenter link=