Empty Dreams

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Battlefield Information
Type: Kindred Crest Notorious Monster
Entry Item: Phobos Orb
Zone: Spire of Dem

Participants 6
Time Limit 15 minutes

Monster Information
Name Boss? Family Job Count
Recollector Check.gif Receptacle N/A 1
Disconsolate Weeper Eks.gif Weeper WAR 18
Insatiable Gorger Eks.gif Gorger WAR 1
Insatiable Offspring Eks.gif Gorger WAR 2

Reward Information
Name Class Reward Type
Galenus Sword Ageless Memory
Cimmerian Sash Waist Ageless Memory
Water Carol II (Scroll) Scrolls Ageless Memory
Boost-CHR (Scroll) Scrolls Ageless Memory
Reraiser Medicine Ageless Memory
Hi-Reraiser Medicine Ageless Memory
Vile Elixir Medicine Ageless Memory
Vile Elixir +1 Medicine Ageless Memory
Darksteel Ore Item Ageless Memory
Gold Ore Item Ageless Memory
Mythril Ore Item Ageless Memory
Petrified Log Item Ageless Memory
Ebony Log Item Ageless Memory
Ethereal Oak Lumber Item Ageless Memory
Blue Rock Item Ageless Memory
Zircon Item Ageless Memory
Painite Item Ageless Memory
Sunstone Item Ageless Memory
Brimsand Item Ageless Memory
Ram Horn Item Ageless Memory
Demon Horn Item Ageless Memory
Raxa Item Ageless Memory
Rainbow Cloth Item Ageless Memory


  • The goal of the BCNM is to collect as many memories as possible.
  • Monsters give a certain number of "memories", which you collect in order to win prizes at the end:
  • Insatiable Gorger is true sound agro and has high regain, using a TP move every ~10-20 seconds.
  • Insatiable Offspring give a random buff (~30-60 second Ascetic's Tonic, Stalwart's Drink, or Champion's Drink) or instacast Firaga 3 on themselves and other nearby monsters (large radius) when defeated.
    • This Firaga III is sufficient to kill Disconsolate Weepers, which causes them to give extra points. (or something)
  • Everything in the BCNM (except the Recollector) respawns. The Insatiable Gorger respawns much more slowly (~3 minutes) than the Disconsolate Weepers though.
  • Best strategy is killing Disconsolate Weepers with AoE damage (like Whirl of Rage or -ga III/-ja spells) and bringing one person to handle the Insatiable Gorger.
    • Have them fight the Insatiable Gorger in the middle of all the Disconsolate Weepers, taking him to 25% and then just killing his spawns as they pop. They'll give decent points, and occasionally give you a big boost when they decide to -aga III.
  • The target memory amount is around 10,000. All players are rewarded with one Ageless Imprint, and the orb user has a chance at additionally receiving an Ageless Reminiscence.
    • Imprints and reminiscences can be redeemed for a random prize from the list above at Shami.

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