Forging a New Myth

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Forging a New Myth
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Nashmeira, Imperial Ward
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Driven by ambition, yet still haunted by the dismebodied whispers that come at the weapon's touch, you have been ordered by Nashmeira in the name of the Empire to harness the seemingly unconquerable power of the mythic weapons.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Duties, Tasks, and Deeds Coming Full Circle
Incomplete Mythic Weapon, Imperial Gold Piece


Forging a New Myth

  • You must defeat Zahak followed by Balrahn himself to complete the battle.
  • You must main-hand your statless Mythic Weapon in order to do any damage to Zahak.
    • After you do 2-3 WSs and Zahak reaches ~50% HP, it will disappear.
    • Blood Pacts do damage, but do not count towards this WS total.
  • After Zahak disappears, Balrahn will spawn.
    • Balrahn must hit you with your own Nyzul Isle Weaponskill at least once (and say a line or two) before you can get aftermath effects from using the Nyzul Isle Weaponskill.
      • At this point, you will be granted 10TP/tick regain. If you deplete Balrahn's HP before performing each aftermath Weaponskill, you will be unable to deal damage and can only accumulate TP from damage you take as well as the regain.
    • To defeat Balrahn, obtain all 3 levels of aftermath status effect by performing the Nyzul Isle Weaponskill once at 1000~1999, 2000~2999, and 3000TP.
      • If you have not unlocked your respective mythic weaponskill, it'll be temporarily available after he uses it on you.
      • You may do them out of order, but you must do each tier Aftermath at least once and you should make sure that you actually get the aftermath icon.
        • If you have AM3, for instance, you won't be able to activate AM1 or AM2.
    • Balrahn now has pretty substantial Regen.
    • Balrahn will gain a small fraction of his HP back after each WS he performs.
  • You may use your support job in this fight, and /SAM is very helpful.
  • Completing the BC will reward you with Key ItemSerpentking Zahak relief shard.


Fight Information (Jackyl, BG)

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