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Description: DMG:302 Delay:437 HP+150 Accuracy+50 Magic Accuracy+50 Great Katana skill +269 Parrying skill +269 Magic Accuracy skill +255 Sekkanoki: TP Bonus +70% based on remaining TP Able to use all Great Katana weapon skills
Image: Fusenaikyo description.png
Type: Weapon
Flags: Inscribable, Equippable
Stack size: 1 "Find Fusenaikyo on FFXIAH" "Find Fusenaikyo on FFXIDB"
Weapon Information
Races: All Races Skill: Great Katana
Damage: 302 Delay: 437
DPS: 41.46 TP/Hit:


Level: 99
Item Level: 119
Superior Level: 5
Jobs: Samurai

Synthesis Information
Yield Craft Requirements Crystal Ingredients

Main Craft: Leathercraft - (111~114)
Sub Craft(s): Smithing - (Information Needed)

Goldsmithing - (Information Needed)
Key Item: Tanner's aurum tome


This item is able to be augmented!
Augmented Via Zone Required Items
Oboro Port Jeuno - (E-6) Heroism Crystal, Heroism Aggregate, and/or defeating monsters within Dynamis - Divergence areas

See Dynamis Divergence Weapon Augments for details

Augment-Icon.png Augments - R25 (Max)
Path A Path B Path C
[1] Chance of double damage +50%
[2] Store TP+25
[3] DMG: + (See below)
[1] Chance of follow-up attack +50%
[2] "Subtle Blow II" +25
[3] DMG: + (See below)
[1] "Sekkanoki" recast time -25%
[2] "Sekkanoki": Wpn. Skill Dmg. +100%
[3] DMG: + (See Below)
All Paths: [3] DMG: +13

Path A: There is a NA translation error saying double attacks but it is not.


There is a translation error on this weapon, and it is displayed in-game as "Able to use all Great Sword Weapon Skills"

  • The Japanese version reads:『全両手刀ウェポンスキル使用可能』
    • 『両手刀』 means "Two-Handed Sword," which should be translated as "Great Katana."
    • "Great Swords" are 『両手剣』 meaning "Double-handed sword".
    • Effect is only active while under the effects of Sekkanoki.

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