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Heroines' Holdfast

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Update07-23-2012 10.jpg
Battlefield Information
Location: Nyzul Isle Level Restriction: None
Entry Item: Athena Orb icon.png Athena Orb Participation: 6 Members
Entry Currency: Time Limit: 15 Minutes
Title: Unsung Heroine  


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Lion 1 Humanoid THF/WAR Floor 1
Prishe 1 Humanoid MNK/WHM FLoor 2
Nashmeira 1 Humanoid PUP Floor 3
Ovjang 1 Automaton PLD Floor 3
Mnejing 1 Automaton RDM Floor 3
Lilisette 1 Humanoid DNC Floor 4
Mumor 1 Humanoid DNC Floor 5


  • Athena Orb is consumed upon entry.
  • Upon entering the battlefield, players will be presented with five lamps which are immediately accessible. Each of the lamps corresponds to an area of Heroines' Holdfast, with the difficulty increasing as the tower level rises. The five levels can be completed in any order.
  • Once a level is chosen, players will be transferred to a floor where they must complete a certain objective before being allowed to use the "Rune of Transfer ???" to access the heroine battle. Unlike normal Nyzul Isle assaults, the Rune of Transfer is hidden somewhere in the floor, not at the starting location. The objective can be checked by clicking the inactive Rune of Transfer:
    • Defeat a certain monster: One specific monster on the floor must be defeated before the Rune of Transfer is accessible.
    • Speak to a certain NPC: One of the NPCs hidden on the floor must be spoken to before the Rune of Transfer is accessible.
  • Defeating enemies on each pre-boss floor may grant the defeating party member a random temporary item.
  • Speaking with NPCs on each pre-boss floor will always grant a temporary item.
  • 15 minutes will be added to the remaining time after each heroine is defeated.
  • The following heroines are present within the tower. Each heroine has an "assistant" who will cheer them on in the chat log, but some of these messages will also warn players about the upcoming usage of certain TP moves. All of the heroines can be debuffed, but none can be Stunned.
    • Floor 1: Lion ("assisted" by Gilgamesh)
      • Lion focuses on melee attacks and can use the following TP moves:
        • Pirate Pummel: Single target damage and high DoT Burn.
        • Powder Keg: Conal damage, defense and magic defense down
        • Grapeshot: Conal damage, stun
        • Walk the Plank: Used only at low HP after being prompted by Gilgamesh, AoE damage, knockback, bind, and dispel.
    • Floor 2: Prishe ("assisted" by Ulmia)
      • Prishe focuses on melee attacks but can also use light elemental nukes.
      • She has three unique TP moves:
        • Auroral Uppercut (single target, damage and stun)
        • Nullifying Dropkick (single target, damage and knockback)
        • Low HP: Knuckle Sandwich (conal, damage and inflicts temporary weakness)
        • She may also use Benediction and/or Hundred Fists.
    • Floor 3: Nashmeira, Ovjang, and Mnejing ("assisted" by Luzaf)
      • Nashmeira is very weak and her only TP move is Imperial Authority which causes damage to one target, knocks them back, stuns, and resets hate. She will also run around randomly for a short time after using this TP move. She has a high reduction to damage taken until her automatons are defeated.
      • Ovjang is a powerful Spiritreaver automaton and will use tier -IV ga and -ja nukes as well as TP moves. Ovjang can be stunned.
      • Mnejing is a Valoredge automaton which focuses on the use of TP moves and can set a Blaze Spikes effect on itself.
    • Floor 4: Lilisette ("assisted" by Cait Sith)
      • Lilisette has several unique TP moves. Below 50%, Lilisette will split into two. The two Lilisettes have a shared HP bar and will synchronize their usage of TP moves, but may have separate targets. TP moves that grant buffs to Lilisette can be dispelled.
      • TP moves include:
        • Sensual Dance (attack bonus for Lilisette, attack down for targets)
        • Thorned Stance (defense and magic defense bonus for Lilisette)
        • Vivifying Waltz (heals HP)
        • Whirling Edge & Dancer's Fury (damage)
        • Lilisette can also use Trance repeatedly, followed by several dances or TP moves.
    • Floor 5: Mumor ("assisted" by Uka Totlihn )
      • Mumor uses various dances from the Sunbreeze Festival event as TP moves, and can cast tier V nukes, and tier IV -ga and -ja nukes:
        • Lovely Miracle Waltz: Single target damage, knockback, and terror
        • Shining Summer Samba: Single target damage, defense and magic defense down
        • Super Crusher Jig: Single target damage, knockback, full dispel
        • Neo Crystal Jig: AoE damage, knockback, attack and magic attack down
      • At 25% HP, the battle will change drastically. Mumor's HP will be healed back up to 50% and she will gain significant reductions to damage taken, her TP moves will be powered up, and she gains two additional TP moves:
        • Eternal Vana Illusion: Single target high damage
        • Final Eternal Heart: 20' AoE Instant KO. There is significant warning in the chat log, so players have a chance to run out of range if they are ready to do so.
  • Once all five heroines have been defeated, the run will end immediately and the title "Unsung Heroine" will be granted to all party members.
  • If the Holdfast is re-entered by someone who has already completed the battle and obtained the "Unsung Heroine" title Verification Needed, a new sixth lamp will be present. Teleporting through this lamp will bring the party to a final battlefield where all five of the heroines above (including the two automatons) are present and must be fought at the same time. These versions of the heroines are weaker with reduced HP.
    • Completing this final battle will reward the title "Epic Heroine"
  • If desired, titles may be recovered from the Title Changer in Port Jeuno.

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