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I'm on a Boat

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I'm on a Boat
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Choubollet, Foret de Hennetiel - (J-6)
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title Toxin Tussler (see below)
Repeatable No
Description The Zoldeff River is not safe for passage... unless you have a portable boat! Bring three squares of dhalmel leather, one twitherym scale, and one jar of umbril ooze to Choubollet so he can build you a nautical masterpiece.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None


  • Talk to Choubollet at the Frontier Station. He asks for 3 Dhalmel Leather, 1 Umbril Ooze and 1 Twitherym Scale.
  • Collect the items and trade them to Choubollet. You will receive the Watercraft which allows you to continue the quest.
    • You are not done with the quest yet! You still need the "Watercrafting" Key Item.
  • Head to the south side of (I-7), cast the boat and you will end up at the southern island at (J-9) (east). Ensure that you first have a Sneak effect active as there will be several sound aggro Pugils on the shore where you end up.
    • Please note: Should you choose to "dive right in," you will receive a brief cutscene and the unique title Toxin Tussler.
      • This may be done after the quest is completed.
  • Go to the west side of (J-9) to cast the boat again and you will be transported to the north side of the river at (J-9).
  • Head north from the second landing point to return to Choubollet and receive your reward.

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