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Job Trait Information
Description Improves magic burst damage.
Type Level
Tier Level Obtained Value
I BLM45, SCH79, NIN80, RDM85, BLU78* +5% Magic Burst Damage
II BLM58, SCH89, NIN90, RDM95, BLU90* +7% Magic Burst Damage
III BLM71, SCH99, BLU99* +9% Magic Burst Damage
IV BLM84, BLU99** +11% Magic Burst Damage
V BLM97, BLU99** +13% Magic Burst Damage
Blue Mage Job Trait
Notes * Requires the setting of appropriate spells to receive the trait.

** Requires the 100 or 1,200 Blue Mage job gift.


  • Increases magic burst damage by a certain percentage that depends on trait level.
    • Shares a term with equipment that enhances magic bursts, like Sorcerer's Gloves +1 and Static Earring, but is not subject to the 40% cap on gear for that term.
    • No equipment specifically enhances this trait, but other gear that affects Magic Burst damage is listed here.

Blue Mage Job Trait Information
Minimum Set Points Needed 6
Trait Points Needed per Tier 8
Level Spell Set Points Trait Points
77 Leafstorm 4 6
78 Cimicine Discharge 3 6
90 Reaving Wind 4 6
99 Rail Cannon 6 8



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