Magus Bazubands

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Magus Bazubands icon.png Magus Bazubands
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Description: DEF:16 MP+15 Parrying skill +10 Increases chance to learn blue magic
Image: Magus Bazubands description.png
Type: Armor Storage: Storage Slip 04
Flags: Not auctionable, Equippable, Not vendorable, Not sendable, Rare, Exclusive
Stack size: 1
"Find Magus Bazubands on FFXIAH" "Find Magus Bazubands on FFXIDB"
Armor Information
Races: All Races Equip. Slot: Hands
Level: 56
Jobs: Blue Mage

Purchased From...
NPC Name Zone Notes
Lathuya Aht Urhgan Whitegate - (F-8) You must have started the quest Transformations to obtain this item.


  • Likely a ~10-12% increased chance of learning a spell since we know Reforged +1 say +12 which probably means 12%.
    • This based on how some stuff was upgraded 1-2 vs NQ and some wasn't upgraded at all.

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